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Couples Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Fun

  It’s almost Halloween! The one night a year where we can dress up and go completely crazy in costume.  And while we all love a good costume party with friends, you can have your own costume party with you and your partner in the bedroom. Take inspiration from your costume, and role play with […]

Binders full of Men

Binder Full of Men

In case you missed the debate on Tuesday, Mitt Romney sparked a ton of online conversation over his “binder full of women” comment.  In the debate, referring to when he became the Massachusetts governor, ”I had the chance to pull together a Cabinet, and all the applicants seemed to be men,” he said. “I went to […]

Y is for "YES!" Sex Posistion

Y is for “YES”

It’s the last Thursday of the month which means that it’s time for a new SEX POSITION! This sex position is called Y is for “Yes.”  Why you may ask? Well, this sex position calls for you and your partner to make a “Y” shape, which hopefully will make you scream “Yes!” over and over […]

Wax On…Wax ARGHHH!

For anyone that has ever had anything waxed, it is in my experience, not very fun.  It’s like ripping a million band aids off your skin for an extended period of time. Especially when it’s your bikini area. So, why do we go through all of this pain??? Well, in reference to your bikini area, […]

5 Reasons to Try Some Lube Tonight

  1. Makes Sex Easier/Less Painful – A dry vagina can make sex really painful and uncomfortable for women, and as a result, not as great for the guy either.  Lube not only solves this problem, but makes it better for both parties.  Additionally, it can speed things up, as waiting for natural lubrication can […]