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Flavored Lubricants Guide

Flavored lubricants are a fun and tasty way to add some excitement to your sex life, with yummy flavors and quality lubricant ingredients that are the perfect addition to oral sex with a condom or other sexual activities. Lightly flavored lubricants are made from edible, water-based flavored lubricant products that are completely safe to consume, […]

Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condom

Iron Grip Snugger Condom Review

Iron Grip Snugger Condoms from CautionWear are the slimmest, snuggest condom in the US.  20% narrower than standard condoms, Iron Grip condoms provide a secure, snug fit for men who are looking for something tighter and smaller than standard size condoms.  Iron Grip condoms measure 46mm across the width, resulting in a snug, secure fit […]

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms - One Dozen

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom Review

Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms are slightly smaller and narrower than regular condoms, offering a tighter, snugger fit for maximum sensitivity and protection.  Designed with a smaller, more contoured shape than other LifeStyles condoms, the Snugger Fit condoms from LifeStyles are perfect for men who desire a closer fit than standard condoms can provide and are […]

Trojan Magnum Condom

Trojan Magnum Condom Review

Larger than standard latex condoms, Trojan Magnum Condoms offer extra comfort from America’s favorite condom brand.  Trojan Magnum condoms are tapered at the base for a more secure fit, and have a silky smooth lubricant for added comfort and sensitivity.  As with all Trojan condoms, Trojan Magnums are made from premium quality latex that is […]

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms

Trojan Ribbed Condoms Review

Trojan Ribbed Condoms Trojan ribbed condoms provide exciting sensations to both partners by utilizing a unique design that maximizes pleasure while providing a high level of protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.  Trojan ribbed condoms are made with a premium lubricant that offers a silky feeling for increased sensitivity and a deep ribbed […]

Vibrating Condom Rings

Sex Toys for Men

The majority of sex toys for men are simple to use and don’t require a great deal of experience with sex toys to enjoy.  Vibrating rings, one of the most popular sex toys for men who are looking for something to use with a partner, are a popular place to start.   For those who have […]

FC 2 Female Condoms

Female Condom Review

It may seem intimidating to use a female condom for the first time, however, with a little practice, it’s easy to insert it correctly.  A female condom is shaped like a pouch with flexible rings at both ends.  Prior to intercourse, the condom is inserted deep into the vagina, with the open end of the […]

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

Ultra Thin Condom Reviews

For those who find that they have trouble climaxing with regular latex condoms, ultra thin condoms are an easy and highly effective solution.  Made from premium, safety-tested latex that you won’t let you down, ultra thin condoms make it easy to enjoy a more natural feeling every time you have sex. Ultra thin condoms are […]

Wet Personal Lubricants

Wet Lubricants

Wet lubricants come in a variety of water based, silicone based and oil formulas, including those that are super light and pheromone-enhanced.    Whether you suffer from personal dryness or need some additional lubrication when using condoms or personal pleasure devices, Wet lubricants have a formula for every desire.  Containing high-quality ingredients in a clear, odorless […]

Sliquid Lube

Sliquid Lubricant

Sliquid lubricants provide natural feeling, long lasting personal lubrication with a formula that was uniquely blended to enhance your body’s own natural lubrication.   Easy to use and clean up, each Sliquid product is hypoallergenic, completely non-toxic and won’t cause yeast infections or UTIs.  It’s the perfect option for women with sensitive skin who looking for […]