Be ONE with your loved one!

ONE Classic Select Condoms ONE Classic Select brings you back to the basics for you and your significant other.  This condom is a  classic, straight-walled condom for your enjoyment and protection needs. No extra bells and whistles to try and figure out.  ONE Classic is thin enough to be called an ultra thin condom! Each condom has a different unique package :) and are tested to exceed the most rigid international standards, resulting in protection you can rely on.  ONE features a silicon based lubricant to add to the pleasure that you will be receive while you are having lots of fun together this week!  ONE Classic are vegan friendly condoms.

With each purchase of ONE condoms a portion of that purchase goes to help support HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa.  I can not think of a better way to help then to purchase these wonderful condoms and have as much fun as I can handle in a week ;)

Help pick out ONE’s new labels! The entrants can be found here!  Hurry cause the contest ends 8/31/1!!

ONE Classic is definitely a condom that will be found in my night stand at home!

Signing off for today!
Miz SassyPants