Why your ‘Happy Time’ should include toys!

vibratorsWhy your ‘Happy Time’ should include toys:

Some of the many benefits of using toys during your ‘alone time’ are as follows:

- It usually takes longer to orgasm when using your hand/fingers. So, if you are in a pinch for time you should definitely grab a toy and have fun! Plus your climax is usually much more intense when toys are used. Even though you can reach orgasm using your fingers it can be just as good, but it usually takes a lot longer to push yourself over the edge. This is especially true if you are used to masturbating with a vibrator and switch to doing it with your hands.

- While fingering will do the job most of the time, there are a lot of vibrators out there that are specifically made for g-spot stimulation. This means that the vibrators are much better at reaching the right spot than we are, and provides stronger and faster stimulation than our fingers.

- To go with the previous reason, if you have short arms, hands, or fingers you may not be able to reach your g-spot. This may be fine for women who like fingering their clit during masturbation, but for women who really enjoy intense g-spot orgasms, this can be a very bad thing. Liquid G Spot Erotic Vibe

- It can be hard to reach your g-spot. The angle that you have to have your arm, wrist, and hand in to hit ‘the spot’ can be very awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful. All of which take away from the fun and the whole point in masturbating to begin with. You may be able to do it for a short period of time, but coupled with the movement of your fingers to stimulate your g-spot, you may not be able to keep it up for very long. Whereas if you get a G-Spot Vibrator, it does all the work for you. All you have to do is sit or lay back and enjoy every vibration!

- Many women now days have longer nails and or acrylic nails. Bacteria gets stuck under your nails and can cause infections such as UTIs, bladder infections, and yeast infections. None of which are good! Plus, you can scratch yourself down there, which is never good!

- Vibrations! Your fingers do not vibrate. Vibrators do! Enough said! ;)

squirmy dolphin- Toys do not cramp up when you use them. While ignoring pain or discomfort in your hands is easier to do when you are almost there, you don’t have to worry about that with a toy! Nobody likes it when your hands cramp up right before you reach orgasm and are unable to finish. Not finishing when you are so close makes for one unhappy camper for the rest of the day!

- Toys can provide multiple stimulations at once! Your 2 hands can only do so much. There are toys to do everything for you. Whether it’s your clit, anus, and or g spot, toys have you covered. Sex toys are an excellent way to achieve blended orgasms. Lipstick Vibe

- Your hands basically come in one shape and size. Toys come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. There are toys that vibrate, toys that hit specific spots, some with suction cups, some that are waterproof, pretty much anything you can think about, there is a toy for that. There are anal vibrators and dongs, Discreet Vibrators, Travel Massagers, there are clitoris vibrators, and G-Spot Vibrators just to name a few. Everyone is different and likes different things, so do some online shopping and figure out what works for you. I have several different toys at home, so depending on my mood, I am covered!

VibratorsJust a couple more little tips that I do. I use a condom if I am wanting a quick clean up. Condoms are great for quickies. You can just slip a condom on your dildo and pull it off when you are done. Have some extra lube right at hand too. My personal favorite is Pink Water. However, you can use any water based lube for your toys and some silicone lubes (just check the label to see if it is compatible with the toy you are using). Warming lubes and cooling/tingly lubes are great depending on how you are feeling too. I always put a couple little dabs of lube on the tip of my toy and am good to go. The bigger dildos are great for when you are home and have plenty of time to have fun. However there are some great little ‘discreet’ vibes that you can take with you places too if you are feeling a bit frisky when not at home. My personal favorite for this one is the Lipstick Vibe. If anyone were to see it in my purse for some reason, it just looks like a tube of lipstick, so nobody would question it. ;)