Why sex is better with Lubricant!

LubricantsWhy sex is better with Lubricant! We have all heard pros and cons about using lubricant when ‘getting lucky’. I personally can’t think of any reason not to use lube though. It not only ‘wets the pipes’ but it can bring intensified pleasure, some great foreplay, and longer lasting ‘Nookie’, just to name a few! Having a lube bottle or two stashed in your bedside table adds some extra moisture and can work wonders during marathon sex or anal experimentation.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why using lubricant will help boost your love life!

Vaginal Dryness – whether a woman wants to admit it or not, we all get it at some point or another. Everyone is different and gets ‘wet’ differently. Dryness can happen for many different reasons, so whether you are dry naturally, because of meds you are taking, or you are post menopausal a little bit of lube will go a LONG way! If you are dry at all, then lube is an amazing gift! ;)

Less Friction – Less friction equals more fun for everyone as well as less worry! When things are slippery down there, things move around much easier making everything more exciting and fun! Plus, the less friction you have, the less likely to have an ‘oops’ moment and condom breakage. The last thing you want to think about when ‘getting lucky’ is condom breakage. So, lubing up equals less stress which in turns equals more pleasure!

Bigger can be painful – When a man is, let’s just say well endowed, it can be a bit painful. So, lubing up before hand, can make things slip and slide easier causing less or no pain at all! When a guy is ‘bigger’ lube definitely makes things more fun! Pink Lubricants

Condoms can dry you out – Using lube can help prevent condoms from drying out, which is great! You want to be safe and use a condom, so to make things even better, add a bit of lube to the inside of the condom to make things more enjoyable for him and some on the outside of the condom to make things better for her!

Using lube can help prevent infection – Friction causes heat which encourages bacterial growth. So, the less friction, the less likely bacteria will grow. So add some lube to the mix for a more exciting fun time!

bacon lubeOral got you down – Using flavored lubricants can make oral much more fun and exciting. Not too excited about going down because you don’t like the tastes too much, adding some flavored lube will make things so much tastier! There are different flavored lubes for everyones tastes too! There is even Bacon Flavored Lube that tastes amazing!

Lube is great for foreplay – Playing around with some lube before ‘going for the gold’ can heat things up like never before! There are warming, tingly, or cooling lubricants depending on what you fancy, there are flavored lubes to make things tastier than ever, plus there are different types of massage oils for even more fun! No matter what you like to do, or would like to try, there is a lube for that!

Get to know your G Spots – A man’s G Spot is the place right between the anus and balls. If you rub a bit of warming lube and gently massage the area, your man will go wild! A woman’s G Spot is described as being located one to three inches up the front vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. Putting some lube on your fingers or getting a G Spot Vibe and lubing it up and massaging her g spot can bring her more pleasure than she ever knew!

Erotic massage anyone – On your next day off try spreading warming lube all over each other’s bodies, or flavored warming massage oils for even more fun! There’s no hotter foreplay than working out each other’s stress spots! A great massage get’s you super relaxed and super relaxed equals greater ‘nookie’! Massage Oils

Rediscover a hand job – When you are going on a long drive, getting handy under the sheets, or just have some extra time when you are lounging on the couch, put on a few drops of lube and rub away. Trust me when I say, your man will thank you for it! ;) ;)

Anal lovin – The anus does not naturally produce any lubricant. This means anal without lube equals ouch! Make sure that when you want to have back door fun that you use lots of lube to make things slide on in easily and with out pain.

LubricantsLast longer – There are lubes out there that can help you last longer for more fun all the way around! If you get a desensitizing gel (these come in sprays or gels) they can keep you harder for a longer more amazing time in the sack!

So lube up and have some slippery, wet fun! ;) ;)