TOY-CURIOUS? Start with a Joyboxx

There are over 60,000 products available for sale online right now and that can be extremely overwhelming for the “toy-curious.” In fact too many choices may have prevented you from taking the next step and exploring new avenues of pleasure with a partner or by yourself.  You may find yourself asking these questions: What types of materials are safe for my body? What is that thing? What does it do? Where does go? How do I use it? How do I clean it? Where do I store it? Is that really a sex toy?!  Good news, there is a way to take the guesswork out of this shopping dilemma, and be first to own a breakthrough new product! The JoyboxxTM with PlaytrayTM is available until August 22nd on IndieGogo and comes “Filled with Joy”, “Locked & Loaded” or “Kinky” with top quality sex toys AND a hygienic storage system to keep your new toy-friends safe and secure! Once you dive into the pleasure product pool, you will probably want more. Check out our excellent shopping selection and let be a regular source for your pleasure products with trusted brands like sliquid® lubrication, Trojan® condoms and more.
We care about your sexual health and wish you sex toy shopping success!
by Deborah Semer
Founder, Passionate PlaygroundTM, maker of JoyboxxTM

The Kneeling Fox Sex Position!

The Kneeling Fox Sex Position: Great for... Deep penetration both for anal and vaginal.

How does it work? You get on your hands and knees and lean forward on your arms. He kneels, grabs hold of your waist and enters you from behind.

The turn-ons: Most men loves the thrill of a 'doggie-style' position so this is bound to get him going.

The turn-offs: You don't get to look at each other and you can't kiss so it's not the most intimate of positions.

Difficulty rating: 2/5 He's working the hardest but you've got to keep in sync with him.

Fun rating: 3/5 You'll have really fast and thrilling sex that will leave both your hearts racing.

You say: 'It's not the most romantic, but for G-Spot Stimulation, 'doggie-style' and this position are the best'

Enhancements: Trojan Enz Condoms, Anal Lubricants (for back door fun), Finger Vibes

The Good Spread Sex Position!

The Good Spread Sex Position:

Great for... Mind-blowing sex whether it is anal or vaginal with her in the driver's seat! Plus he has a great view and free hands to do whatever he pleases with ;) ;)

How does it work? Get your man to lie flat on his back, then climb on top of him and slowly start to spread your legs out as far as you can get them. Then place your hands on his chest and rock back and forth.

The turn-ons: The wider apart you get your legs, the deeper the penetration will be - good news for you and your man.

The turn-offs: The stretch on your legs can start to hurt after a while.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 You might need to do a bit of limbering up first!

Fun rating: 4/5 Who doesn't enjoy being in charge?

You say: 'This is one of the best sex positions as it helps to feel her cervix and the deeper feeling of penetration indeed 

Enhancements: Night Light Glowing Condoms, Pink Water LubricantScreaming O Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring

Reading Body Language

Reading Body LanguangeHave you ever sat and tried reading body language?

Here are some tips to reading your partners body language.
Direct eye contact is a vital role in sexual attraction and stimulation between the 2 of you!  Catching each others eyes and looking away is said to be the initial signal of sexual interest.  Looking at your partner directly in the eyes during casual banter outside the bedroom produces a heated connections that will continue in the bedroom.  If your partner is catching your eye for longer then normal that is an indication that they are liking what they are seeing ;)
Clothes:Reading Body Language
Women will adjust their clothing more then normal in the attempt to gain the attention of our partners.  Men will automatically adjust the piece of clothing that they think is the best part.   This could be from straightening the tie or smoothing our clothes over our chest and abdomen.
If your man is getting grabby with you he could be subconsciously trying to increase the sexual tension for later on.  The more physical affection that we give and receive outside the bedroom leads to more affection in the bedroom later on!   All partners gradually lean in and close the space between each other while we are talking.
When men are getting handsy with themselves:
Men can subconsciously run their fingers through their hair or across their face when they are sexually tense.  Most men will not realize that they are even do any of these things.  What it shows us is what their hands will look like when they run them over their naked body.  This makes us want to remove their hands and replace them with ours!
Masculine partners often subconsciously begin taking up space in order to make their presence known.  We all know that can be a great thing ;)  Placing hand on their hips, in their pockets to broaden their shoulders and slightly widening their hips to secure their stance could be signs that your partner is seeking your attention.
Psychologists say that the lips mimic the female labia and can mentally reiterate that image to our partners.  Moistening our lips, trying a new shade of lip gloss could be a sign that your partner is trying to get you to notice her lips ;)
When women play with a cylindrical objects they are more then likely to be nervous or experiencing inner sexual tension.  By cylindrical objects we do mean wine glass stems, pens, pencils or the dangly part of an earring.
Crossing our legs:
Most people will subconsciously direct their knees towards people that they are attracted to!  Another common thing women do is to have their legs crossed tightly and aimed at a target.  This shows off the leg shape and tone.
Reading Body Language Playing with our hair:
Long haired women tend to fiddle with their hair when we are sexually tense or even if we are trying to attract the gaze of our partner.  General hair care, up-dos and such often expose the underarm and subconscious sexual interest in their partners when they see them.  Hair twirling and running our fingers through our hair, flipping it from one side to the other are all signs that we are looking for our partners attention. Now get out there and start reading some body language and enjoy your Monday!! Signing off for tonight, Miz SassyPants

The Galloping Horse Sex Position!

The Galloping Horse Sex Position:

Great for... Both of Anal and Vaginal Fun for both partners!

How does it work? The man sits on a chair with his legs outstretched in front of him. You climb aboard and stretch your legs out straight behind him. He clings onto your arms and you lean back holding on to him for support. You're in control, so then push back and forth on top of him as fast or as slow as you like.

The turn-ons: He gets a good view and you get deep penetration.

The turn-offs: It might be uncomfortable for you to keep your legs stretched out for any length of time

You say: 'This one got the thumbs up - very comfortable and it really hit my G-spot '

Enhancements: Vibrating Cock Ring, Durex Love Condoms, Warming Lubricants

Become the perfect stripper!

Become the Perfect Stripper!

In Honor of the new Private Dancer Pole Kit here are some tips to become the perfect stripper!  I am sure that like all partners at some point you have at least thought about stripping!  Why not try now.  Here are a few tips just for you! Tip 1 Pick your Stripper outfit!  You can dress up however you like!  Lingerie, wig, heels, fishnets, anything that makes you feel sexy. Tip 2 Choose out music that speaks to you and sets the mood for you.  If chose leather why not try rocking out to "Cherry Pie" by Warrant or "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry or "S & M' by Rihanna. Tip 3 Set your Stage.  Use the Stripper Pole and maybe some Christmas Lights. Tip 4 Stretch out and Practice what you think will be sexy moves in front of the mirror before the actual day you are going to strip for your man!  Unbutton, unzip, unsnap and slowly peel off your articles of clothing one at a time.  However, I would suggest for the faster songs that you also try using rip off clothes as well. Tip 5 Glide your fingertips over your thighs and collar bone. Tip 6  Pole moves ;)  I am sure after looking at a few of them you will think they are unattainable and that is ok.  You really can make up your own moves with your pole.  You just have to have some confidence that you CAN use the pole in your stripper act for your hubby. You can always look around your area as well.  Some Dance Studios offer Stripper and Pole Dancing classes.  You can also get the Carmen Electra's dvd to help you out as well.  (Makes a great work out video too!) Get out there and have fun   Have a great weekend, Miz Sassypants

The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position!

The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position:

Great for... A quickie in the afternoon.
How does it work? Find an area at home where two walls are really close together like a corridor or in the bathroom. He leans against one wall and shuffles down so he's in a sitting position with his feet pushed against the other wall/ bath.You then climb on top of him with his legs supporting your whole weight and let your feet dangle either side. You then go for it like you would in a sitting position thrusting back and forth on top of him.
The turn-ons: It's perfect for exciting, spontaneous sex when you just have to have each other!
The turn-offs: He'll need a lot of strength in his legs to hold the position for the duration and it might take you a little while to get the hang of it.
Difficulty rating: 4/5 It is one of our trickier positions, but it's definitely worth it when you get it right.
Fun rating: 3/5 The excitement of being pushed up against a wall will really get you both going.
You say: 'This one rocks. We love doing it in the bathroom'

The Sexy Spoon Position!

The Sexy Spoon Position:

Great for... Slow, intimate sex. Great for anal and vaginal fun!
How does it work? You lie in bed on your side. He spoons you from behind, entering you slowly to make bedtime cuddles that are a bit more interesting.
The turn-ons: You feel really close and intimate, as well as getting an amazing orgasm!
The turn-offs: It can be a bit awkward at first, but stick with it.
Difficulty rating: 2/5 Super-easy!
Fun rating: 4/5 Whether you like it fast or slow, this position is a definite winner.
You say: 'Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning and surprisingly sexy, as well' Enhancements: ONE Condoms, Bacon LubricantTrojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Finger Vibe

The Edge of Heaven Position!

The Edge of Heaven Position:

Great for...Female orgasm

How does it work? The man sits on the edge of the bed or in a chair, with his legs down on the floor. Then you shuffle into his lap and onto him, with your legs resting on the bed or something propped behind the chair, while he holds your hands to stop you tipping backwards. Now you can start moving as fast or as slowly as you want.

The turn-ons: You get very deep penetration and he gets to do most of the work, while you jiggle about on top (which he loves as he can watch your breasts bouncing around).

The turn-offs: Be careful you don't tip over!

Enhancements: LifeStyles Everlast Intense Condoms, Flavored Lubricant (he is in easy reach of your breasts and nipples), Masters Good Wear Tire Cock Ring With Clit Vibe (cock ring for him to last longer and a clit tickler (power bullet) for her)

Five Secret Fixations that Men have

Men have 5 secret fixations! I bet you are just dying to know what they are!

Here is a list of the top 5 fixations that men have!  You may or may not be surprised. Feet are the top of the fixation list!  Reflexology shows that some parts of your feet are actually connected to genital pleasure.  If your guy is offering you a foot massage take him up on the offer!  Try wearing your fave heels to bed and nothing else!  As we all know guys are more visual when it comes to arousal this will be the perfect show for him ;) Butts and Boobs are also a major fixation.  Men are hardwired to love them!  Play around with different positions to enhance these areas.  Doggie is a great one for him to see your tush!  And as always with you on top he has access to your girls!  We have posted LOTS of positions in the past few months for you to take a look at! Lingerie and leather definitely make the list of fixations!  And they both can enhance your sexual rendezvous!   Lingerie is a turn on because it is not meant to be seen every day!  Turn him on by sending him a snapchat photo of just the strap of your lacy bra you wore today.  You can even send him a text telling him you have on his fave pair of lace panties.  Keep them on as long as possible when you go to bed.  Leaving them on longer while making out can make the session that much hotter.  Exhibitionism or Voyeurism is on the fixation list.  The adrenaline pump that you both get when you think about getting caught mixes with your already hot hormones create and cocktail of desire that can become addictive.  Since neither of you want to end up in cuffs public places are not very practical.  Try keeping your window open when you are getting busy.  This can help create the same feelings.  You could try not wearing panties and sending him a text about it just before you head into the restaurant for dinner and prove it when you get home ;) BDSM is also on the list.  If you try this you will need to require a "Safe Word".  Even if you are just messing around with light bondage ALWAYS have a "Safe Word".  You can try with light spanking or biting, possibly hands tied with a silk tie or scarf will give you guys the right amount of feelings whether it is something that you would like to continue or not.  There are videos and blogs online that can help you guys as a couple get to know the BDSM lifestyle. Have a Fantabulous  Monday! Miz SassyPants
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