How to Give Oral Sex with Condoms

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1.  Get him nice and hard first. Hand jobs are safe and usually do the trick! 2.  Once he’s ready, choose a condom that is tight and secure in the base but loose on the tip and shaft (for wiggle room). We      recommend any of the products here. 3.  Squeeze some lube into the condom before putting it on. It will decrease the friction between his skin and the rubber,      making the experience more pleasurable for him as a result. The biggest complaint men have about condom-covered      blowjobs is they “barely feel anything.” Trust us, the combination between the loose-topped condom and lube inside it will      take care of that! 4.  That rubbery taste certainly does not help improve the mood, so throw in some flavored condoms for the benefit of the giver.      We heard it tastes like candy! ;) 5.  Once everything is set up, the giver can go ahead (or give a head) and do what he/she normally does! With enough wiggle      room and wetness between the condom and his penis, it shouldn’t feel any less pleasurable than the standard way. Using condoms for oral sex does not just protect you from STDs, but also reduces your chances of getting throat cancer. The idea may sound weird at first, but yes it can be done and yes, it can be fun!

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