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The Kneeling Fox Sex Position!

The Kneeling Fox Sex Position: Great for… Deep penetration both for anal and vaginal.How does it work? You get on your hands and knees and lean forward on your arms. He kneels, grabs hold of your waist and enters you from behind.The turn-ons: Most men loves the thrill of a ‘doggie-style’ position so this is bound to get […]

The Good Spread Sex Position!

The Good Spread Sex Position: Great for… Mind-blowing sex whether it is anal or vaginal with her in the driver’s seat! Plus he has a great view and free hands to do whatever he pleases with How does it work? Get your man to lie flat on his back, then climb on top of him and slowly start to […]

Reading Body Language

Reading Body Language

Have you ever sat and tried reading body language? Here are some tips to reading your partners body language. Eyes:   Direct eye contact is a vital role in sexual attraction and stimulation between the 2 of you!  Catching each others eyes and looking away is said to be the initial signal of sexual interest.  Looking […]

The Galloping Horse Sex Position!

The Galloping Horse Sex Position: Great for… Both of Anal and Vaginal Fun for both partners! How does it work? The man sits on a chair with his legs outstretched in front of him. You climb aboard and stretch your legs out straight behind him. He clings onto your arms and you lean back holding on to […]

The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position!

The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position: Great for… A quickie in the afternoon.How does it work? Find an area at home where two walls are really close together like a corridor or in the bathroom. He leans against one wall and shuffles down so he’s in a sitting position with his feet pushed against the other wall/ bath.You […]

The Sexy Spoon Position!

The Sexy Spoon Position: Great for… Slow, intimate sex. Great for anal and vaginal fun!How does it work? You lie in bed on your side. He spoons you from behind, entering you slowly to make bedtime cuddles that are a bit more interesting.The turn-ons: You feel really close and intimate, as well as getting an amazing orgasm!The turn-offs: It […]

The Edge of Heaven Position!

The Edge of Heaven Position: Great for…Female orgasm How does it work? The man sits on the edge of the bed or in a chair, with his legs down on the floor. Then you shuffle into his lap and onto him, with your legs resting on the bed or something propped behind the chair, while he […]

Bondage Fixation

Five Secret Fixations that Men have

Men have 5 secret fixations! I bet you are just dying to know what they are! Here is a list of the top 5 fixations that men have!  You may or may not be surprised. Feet are the top of the fixation list!  Reflexology shows that some parts of your feet are actually connected to genital […]

The Manhandle Her Position!

The Manhandle Her Position: Great for: Both of you,  he gets to play with you in all the right places. This is great vaginal and anal fun too!How does it work? No beds needed for this one – you can try it anywhere in the house, although you might want to be near a wall for balance. […]

The Woman On Top Sex Position!

The Woman On Top Sex Position: Great for…Both of you. Great position for anal and vaginal fun!How does it work? Get the man to lay down on the bed with his legs out in front of him. Now climb on top like a cowgirl and let him penetrate you. You can then lean back and hold […]