how do i protect myself during lesbian sex?

Question by Brittany D: how do i protect myself during lesbian sex?
I know there are female condoms (although I havent found any at the drugstores i’ve checked), but if i were to have sex with another girl (im a girl), how would i protect myself from STDs? i’m straight, but I’d like to be with a girl at least once. especially now since i’m going to college and it’ll be easier to experiement before I actually decide to settle down. any ideas besides female condoms? something that will go well with female oral sex too?

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Answer by starry_eyes11
Just only do things with girls who are clean. oral sex would be the only time you would be susceptible to STDs. Just be careful and only experiment with people you trust. Also, be sure they know you’re straight. It’s not nice to lead them on.

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