5 Reasons to Try Some Lube Tonight


1. Makes Sex Easier/Less Painful - A dry vagina can make sex really painful and uncomfortable for women, and as a result, not as great for the guy either.  Lube not only solves this problem, but makes it better for both parties.  Additionally, it can speed things up, as waiting for natural lubrication can take both time and dedication.

2. Increases Pleasure - A lot of lubes aren’t purely just for lubrication anymore, although that is their main function.  Many lubes also increase sensation by creating a tingly or warm feeling when applied on and around the genitals.  Which means that this extra sensation can make you and your partner extra hot!

3. Makes Oral More Fun - Lubes now come in fun flavors like banana and mint.  For those of you tired of flesh flavored, you can give your taste buds a treat while still giving your partner one too.

4. Less Friction = Less Chance of Condom Breaking - As previously mentioned, women can have naturally drier vaginas, and this can make sex uncomfortable because there is friction between the vaginal wall and the penis/condom. In addition to this though, the increased friction can put stress on the condom, leading to a higher probability of the condom failing by causing tears, which isn’t a good thing.

5. Adds Some Spice to Your Life - For all of the above reasons, lube can put some variety, spice, pleasure and flavor into your sex life! Make trying new lubes a fun game with your partner by trying different types of lube and picking your favorites together.  There are great sampler packs out there that allow you try up to six or seven different kinds without having to buy a whole bottle of each.