Allergic to Latex

Ever had sex and then felt itchy or dry shortly after?  It might not be an STI (sexually transmitted infection) that is causing that burning sensation.  You or your partner might be allergic to Latex.  We still recommend you to get regular check-ups but if you are constantly feeling uncomfortable during or shortly after protected sex you might suffer from a Latex Allergy.

Allergies can turn even the best moments into nightmares.  While a latex allergy is relatively uncommon, there are many people who suffer from latex hypersensitivity.  Also known as a form of contact dermatitis, people who suffer from Latex allergy may find it uncomfortable to have protected sex.

As most condoms in the market are made of Latex it can be difficult and frustrating to find a suitable condom to address the issue
of a Latex allergy.  Some people choose to ignore the symptoms if they’re mild enough but even the slightest symptoms of dry or itchy skin should be avoided if possible.

Thankfully there are several condoms out there for people who are latex sensitive.  Durex Avanti Bare and LifeStyles SKYN are both condoms made of polyisoprene while the Trojan Supra is made from polyurethane.  These are great options for latex free condoms.

If you are willing to spend a little more to get even more natural and try a different sensation, you could also try Trojan’s Naturalamb condom.  The Trojan Naturalamb is made from a natural pouch in a lambs’ intestine, making it thicker than other condoms while providing a completely different feel.  Effective as a contraceptive, it is the only natural condom on the market however we do not advise using it to protect against diseases as the pores on this condom are not effective as a barrier to diseases.

Explore your latex free options at Condomania.  We even have a non-latex sampler pack.