Flavored Lubricants Guide

Flavored lubricants are a fun and tasty way to add some excitement to your sex life, with yummy flavors and quality lubricant ingredients that are the perfect addition to oral sex with a condom or other sexual activities. Lightly flavored lubricants are made from edible, water-based flavored lubricant products that are completely safe to consume, and that are designed to add a little something different to your sexual activities. These types of safer sex products are designed to enhance sexual pleasure for both couples, by reducing friction with a high quality lubricant and offering a fun flavor as well. Flavored lubricants from top-selling brands are available in many different flavors, including fruity flavors like strawberry and cherry, and sweeter dessert-like options such as chocolate and cinnamon, making it easy to find something for everyone.

The brand and flavor of flavored lubricants that you choose ultimately comes down to personal choice, as they do vary by consistency and flavor. Most couples like to try a few different types of flavored lubricants to find one that they like. This can be made into a fun game where both individuals “test out” the flavors on each other to find the ones they like the best. Flavored lubricant sampler packs that contain a few different brands or that have different flavors from the same brand are a great option for couples that are looking for a chance to find a flavor and product that they like. Some couples also like to try flavored lubricants that have warming and cooling features too, as this can easily add a whole new level of excitement to the equation.

Since most flavored lubricants are made by starting with a plain, high-quality lubricant that just has a flavor added to it, they are also safe to use in sexual activities where taste isn’t involved. As the ingredients do vary by brand, however, it’s important to check the label, since some flavored lubricants are not designed for use with a condom. As a general safer sex rule, always check the label of any type of lubricant before using it with a condom to ensure that it isn’t oil-based and that it doesn’t contain any other ingredients that are known to break down condoms and reduce their effectiveness.

Using flavored lubricants is just as easy as using non-flavored options, as the products clean up quickly with water and are formulated to be non-staining. While the products sometimes start to feel tacky or sticky when they try, simply adding a small amount of water or saliva to the area will easily revive it.

Before using a flavored lubricant for the first time, always do a patch test on the inside of your elbow by rubbing a small amount of product in and waiting 24 hours to see if a rash develops. If you see any redness or itchiness after that period, then don’t use it and throw the product away to avoid an allergic reaction.