Y is for “YES”

Y is for "YES!" Sex Posistion

It’s the last Thursday of the month which means that it’s time for a new SEX POSITION! This sex position is called Y is for “Yes.”  Why you may ask? Well, this sex position calls for you and your partner to make a “Y” shape, which hopefully will make you scream “Yes!” over and over again.  So say yes to trying new things tonight, and try out this sex position.  After all, “Y” not?

1. Lay face down on the bed, and then move forward so your torso is hanging over the bed, while your hips and legs are still on the bed.

2. Have your partner enter you from behind with their legs inside yours. They can hold onto your hips or behind for extra leverage. This will allow them to keep their torso and chest high and off your back. (think cobra, for all you yogi’s out there)

Here’s Cosmo’s take on why you’ll love it:

“With your guy’s legs confined between yours, you’ll be treated to lots of quick, in-and-out moves — sending a tsunami of sensation to the nerve-rich first few inches of your pleasure zone. And because of the upside-down pose, the instant blood rush to your head will heighten each thrust, giving you a sort of out-of-body erotic experience. Because of the tricky configuration, this isn’t a position you can linger in all night. But it adds a lot of adventure to a run-of-the-mill romp.”

- Cosmopolitan