Last Longer Condoms

Last longer condoms make it easy to stay in the game longer. Using a special additive just inside the tip of the condom that helps to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual excitement, last longer condoms make it easier to control climax during sexual intercourse. By removing most of the sensitivity that causes some men to finish before their partner is ready, last longer condoms help extend the pleasure while keeping the over-excitement at bay. Never be embarrassed again by finishing too soon – last longer condoms are just what the doctor ordered for premature ejaculation.

Last longer condoms can help you last considerably longer than a regular condom, yet are still just as strong and safe. The odorless, numbing climax control ingredient is safe for regular use and won’t irritate the penis or the vagina. Made by popular condom brands that you already know and trust, last longer condoms are made from premium quality latex to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. As with regular condoms, always use a new last longer condom every time you have sex in order to get the most protection.

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