Coripa Custom Fit Condoms - 6 Pack


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Coripa Custom Fit Condoms Due to a significant expansion and retooling of the Coripa line, many sizes may not be available at this time. Please check back regularly for updates or contact us for substitution recommendations.

Coripa condoms, like its predecessor TheyFit condoms, come in the same original 55 sizes, ranging from 3 inches to almost 10 inches with varying proportional widths. Coripa custom fit condoms offer the ultimate in personalized protection

Coripa Custom Fit Condoms Size Guide

Download the 'Easy Wrap Ruler' and find the perfect size for your pepper: Click here to download the measurement tool. If you liked TheyFit Condoms you will love Coripa Condoms, our new custom fit condoms available in all of the original 55 different sizes you have enjoyed for years, complete with an updated CONDOM FIT KIT. Introducing Coripa Condoms, the world's first individual fit condom line. Coripa condoms feature 55 sizes to ensure that every guy, from 3 inches to 10 inches, can get a condom that fits properly for maximum security, comfort, and pleasure. No more worrying about small condoms or large condoms.  With Coripa, you find the condom size that is right for you! These smart condoms are also sensuous, strong, and thin for total enjoyment. *Please note, these are shipped from Germany so they may take several weeks to recieve. Thanks for your patience!

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