Trojan Charged Condoms

Trojan Charged Condoms

  • $ 1199

Trojan Charged Condoms

What do you get when you combine the most successful condom design in history with a new sexually enhanced lubricant?  You get the new Trojan Charged Condoms, quite possibly the most orgasmic condoms ever made!

What makes the Trojan Charged Condoms Better?

Trojan Charged Condoms start with a relaxed shape that bulges out one third up the condom shaft.  The looser fit allows for a more natural experience as the nerve endings remain more sensitive to friction and motion.  Add to this oodles of prominent ribbing in all the right places and you have a condom that is engineered for pleasure. However, these go one step further with a new lubricant infused with L-Arginine, Maca and Ginger that has been demonstrated to intensify sensation and pleasure for both men and women. Trojan Charged Condoms are available in 10 packs.

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