How to have sex in a Car

How to have Sex in a Car

How to have sex in a car

Having sex in a car is a fairly normal occurrence.  Young adults everywhere have used the infamous backseat to curb their adolescent enthusiasm.  A car serves as a suitable, although somewhat crammed, replacement to a bedroom.  For those of you who have yet to try out having sex in a car read on!  It’ll be a lot more interesting than the car user manual.

Hazards: If this is your first time trying to ride the Subaru there are some simple things to remember.  Getting caught having sex in public can be embarrassing but can also lead to being slapped with indecent exposure. REMEMBER although your Toyota might have four walls and a roof: cars have windows.  Go somewhere secluded.  Night time is even best.

Lane Changing: There isn’t that much space in the car.  Yes cars usually seat 5 but you’re going to have to use a little of that imagination that kindergarten was always trying to encourage.

How to have sex in a carHere are my suggestions:

Front seat: Slide the seat back and down. There’s no room for the missionary here.  Depending on the car, some sort of cowgirl improvising will probably do the trick.  I’d go with the cowgirl helper.
Back Seat: The seats don’t adjust that much in the back but you have options. Situate yourselves in the middle of the seats and go for the reverse cowgirl, some sort of Kama Sutra seated position, or just open the doors and go for it on an improvised twin sleeper!

How to have sex in a car


Under the hood:  Here’s where it can get playground crazy.  If you’re willing to brave the outdoors and trust in your car manufacturer’s workmanship then take it outside.  Use the hood of the car to explore new angles or stand up and use the trunk for support.  If you’re going to try this I recommend trying the butterfly using the hood of the car as a base.  The breeze is going to feel great when it starts to heat up.

Valet: If you have some cash to spare you can also hire out a limousine.  Get the driver to roll up his window and you’ll have a car length of space to work with complete with lights, music, alcohol, and the familiar motion that comes with driving.  Just make sure your driver is legit and doesn’t have some camera rolling.

Traffic Jam: I’m going to have to advocate safety with this next tip.  Going down and giving oral to someone driving is fairly easy to do.  Watch out for the stick and you’re good to go.  Just make sure the driving doesn’t suffer.  The last thing you want is to crash while there are a set of teeth wrapped around your gear stick.

Having sex in a car is nothing new.  People have been getting away with this for a long time and new innovations are always being experimented.  So gas up the Volvo, clean out the Mazda and dust off the Ford.

Road trip anyone?


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