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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms Case of 1008


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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms Case of 1008

1008 Latex Condoms; Loose in box - no sub-case bulk qty
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Thin

    Thinner than your average latex condom

  • 2 Standard Shape

    Form fitting, standard shape

  • 3 Standard Fit

    These are a standard, average size

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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms are Japanese-made and combine the awesome feel of super-thin, super-strong latex with a slightly wider, more comfortable shape. Crown condoms represent the best of Japanese latex technology, considered to be the most advanced in the world. Crown skinless skin condoms are the thinnest condoms you will ever use, yet they remain just as strong and just as safe as any other premium quality condom. Even though the Crown skinless skin condoms are made of latex, they are odorless and tasteless because of the amazing Japanese latex production technology. With Crown skinless skin condoms on, you are as close as you can be to riding bareback. At only .05mm thin, no wonder it feels so amazing! Crown Skinless Condoms are one of the thinnest condoms on the market today, offering increased sensitivity, a great fit and optimum protection.

By utilizing ultra-thin, lightweight premium latex, Crown Skinless condoms provide an incredibly smooth surface that glides along smoothly without sacrificing strength. The unique shape and optimum fit feels great too, without any bunching, slipping or tearing to worry about. Created using cutting-edge Japanese latex technology, which is considered to be some of the finest in the world, Crown Skinless condoms combine superior comfort with a strong, premium latex barrier that offers reliable protection from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. When used correctly each time you have sex, Crown Skinless condoms are a highly effective and pleasurable way to practice safer sex. Since they've been available, fans of Crown Skinless condoms report over and over again that these expertly crafted thin condoms are truly the closest thing to not using a condom at all.åÊ The high quality materials combined with years of latex expertise make Crown Skinless condoms the ideal choice for many individuals. Thanks to the premium latex technology behind Crown Skinless, the condoms are completely odorless and tasteless, providing a more natural feeling than standard thin condoms. Lightly lubricated with a non-irritating, high-grade lubricant, Crown Skinless condoms are perfect for those who want to experience more sensation while still getting the best protection that a condom can offer. Easy to use and affordable as well, Crown Skinless condoms fit the bill for many condom users who are ready to step up their game with a premium thin condom. If safe sex and maximum comfort in a condom are your top priority, Crown Skinless condoms provide an innovative and affordable option that won't let you down. The strong yet incredibly thin condoms have a unique shape, offering a wider, more comfortable fit than standard condoms. The incredibly strong latex materials and innovative manufacturing used in the creation of Crown Skinless condoms, results in a smooth, super thin shape that will have you and your partner coming back for more. When compared with standard condoms which are traditionally much thicker, and even some of the name-brand thin condom styles, it's easy to see why Crown Skinless condoms are quickly becoming a favorite among thin style condom brands. Unlike most latex condoms, there isn't a strong latex smell, offering a more pleasant condom experience overall. Crown Skinless condoms offer the thinnest, smoothest condoms experience around, making them the ideal choice for those who are looking for increased sensation and a comfortable fit. When quality and protection are what matters most, Crown Skinless condoms are sure to please even the most discerning condom user.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description 1008 Latex Condoms; Loose in box - no sub-case bulk qty
Weight 10.0000
Condom Material Latex
Condom Layflat Width No
Condom Length No
Condom Thickness Thin
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Condom Size Standard
Condom Features Super-thin, super-strong latex with a slightly wider, more comfortable shape
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