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12 Benefits of Masturbation – The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself!

Everyone masturbates, right? Or do they? And why is it so embarrassing to talk about? Should we be doing it more? The Answer is YES. Although it’s often perceived as an uncomfortable topic, masturbation is very common, and an essential part of a healthy sex life.

Self-love has a wide range of benefits from positively impacting your health and wellness to improving your sex life with your partner. It’s time to embrace masturbation, so go on and chill with yo’self.

12 Benefits of Masturbation

1. It boosts your mood

With every orgasm, you’ll get a generous dose of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’. This natural cocktail of happiness, is the biggest dose of non-drug induced euphoria you can attain. Why depend on another for your daily dose of mood-booster?

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2. It reduces stress

Feeling overwhelmed? Practice a little self-love. The natural high you feel from an orgasm lowers your cortisol, a main stress hormone. For deep, all over relaxation, and strong massage vibrations try adding the magic wand to your solo sex session – ohhh yes…

3. It helps you sleep

Just like after sex with your partner, that flood of endorphins released after a masturbation-induced orgasm will promote a deeper, sounder sleep.

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4. It reduces food cravings

We know orgasms raise our oxytocin levels, allowing us to feel happier and more secure, but self-induced climax can also help keep the desire for comfort-food cravings, like sugar, at bay. You’ll definitely be skipping dessert in lieu of some me-time.

12 Benefits of Masturbation

5. It helps to bring you into the moment

Similar to meditation, masturbation is a fantastic way to clear your racing mind of anxiety and bring you into the present moment. You will also experience an amazing mind-body connection during masturbation that will allow you to feel extremely connected to yourself.

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6. Men – it helps you last longer

Rubbing one out can be useful when your objective is to last longer later. Masturbating an hour before a date will give a man more control, during the main event. Plus, you can train yourself to last longer; start by counting how many strokes it usually takes to climax, or how many minutes you can last for – and then gradually aim to increase the time it takes to get to your happy ending.

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7. It also helps you stay harder

Masturbation is essential to helping you stay harder as you get older. Regular sex and masturbation will keep muscle tone strong by working your pelvic floor muscles, contributing to preventing erectile dysfunction.

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8. Women – it’s training session for your body too

Similarly, for women, the benefits of masturbation allow you to work your pelvic floor for strong and healthy muscles. Not only will you train your muscles to be able to achieve orgasm more easily, your solo workout sessions will help prevent cramping during periods and urinary incontinence.

12 Benefits of Masturbation

9. It gets your juices flowing

Ladies can also benefit from increased testosterone when fantasizing more regularly (i.e. reading erotic novels or watching porn); this naturally raises your libido and trains your body to quite literally get your juices flowing, when anticipating a sexual encounter.

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10. It improves your body confidence

Women who masturbate, experience a connection with their body and their own sexually which leads to higher confidence regardless of your relationship status. When you are able to bring yourself physical pleasure, you do not need someone else to validate that you are sexy.

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11. It teaches you what you like

Particularly for women that have trouble achieving orgasm with a partner, solo sex is crucial to getting to know your own body in a stress-free context. Experimenting with yourself and what you like, will ultimately strengthen your sexual encounters with partners and allow you to take control of how you like it. Get into the driver’s seat, girl.

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12. It keeps your sex life alive

Whether you are single, or in a long-distance relationship, masturbation keeps your sexual energy alive if you are sans partner. The more self-love you practice, the more you’ll think about sex. This is important for couples that are separated from each other, and want to keep the passion alive. Likewise, singles that are looking to date will present themselves as more confident and sexually attractive, when practicing solo-sex more frequently.

So whether you are indulging in a little self-exploration at home, or enjoying a sexy session of masturbation with your partner, remember – self-love is not just an extremely pleasurable way to spend an hour – it’s actually an essential service to your body’s health and wellbeing. You do you.

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