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3 Tricks to Last Longer

Condoms not only make sex safer, they make it last longer too! That’s right, men! If you find yourself getting close to the finish line long before your partner is even halfway through the race, a condom may be just what you need.It’s simple: condoms dull the sensation of enjoying sex, lessens stimulation and make you last longer as a result. And if you find that regular condoms aren’t enough, here are 3 tricks to ensure that you, and your rod, are able to keep up with your partner.

3 tricks to last longer

Use ribbed or textured condoms

Ribbed and textured condoms equal thicker wrapping, making your member less sensitive to stimulation. On the plus side, it’s more stimulation for her, and we’re sure she’d appreciate you for that!

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Special “last longer” condoms

Last longer condoms contain a special additive inside the condom’s tip which helps prevent premature ejaculation and prolongs sexual excitement. Never again be embarrassed by finishing to soon!

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Double bag it

Are you on the conservative side and not into textured or special condoms? Double bag it! Wear two condoms simultaneously to pad the pleasure. A word of caution: wearing more than one condom increases the chance of ripping or breaking, so make sure to use lube to minimize friction!

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Give these tricks a shot and let us know which worked best for you! Remember, when it comes to love-making – slow and steady wins the race!

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