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A Guide to Finding the Right Lubricant

It burns, it hurts, and it feels really uncomfortable. It doesn’t really feel pleasurable anymore. That’s definitely not how sex is supposed to feel. Sex is supposed to be easy, right? Well, maybe not easy but there are things to make it a little easier and a lot less painful.

Vaginal dryness is actually a really common problem. In fact, 40% of women report not being wet enough for sex. There are a few reasons why your vagina is not getting wet enough for sex. One common reason for this is low estrogen levels which can be caused by menopause, child birth, breast feeding, and smoking. Certain medications can also cause dryness. Another cause of this is irritants such as soaps, douches, and perfumes. It all depends on how sensitive you are. Lastly, one of the most common reasons for being dry is not being sufficiently aroused before sex begins.

One super slippery lube that should be on your list if you are planning to have anal sex is Pjur Backdoor Comfort Water Anal Glide. Lubricant is a necessity for anal sex. Pjur’s Backdoor Comfort is specifically formulated to make it super slippery for anal sex. It is also long lasting. A long lasting lube is the best for anal sex because when you are first experimenting with anal sex you need to go super slow. After a while most lubes will dry up. Pjur’s Backdoor Comfort will last longer than most lubes which is great because you won’t keep having to add more and more and risk the chance of wrecking the mood. It is also safe to use with condoms and water based so it washes off easily. To read more about anal sex click here.

Oral sex may or may not be your favorite thing to give. It can get kind of boring for those on the giving end. One type of slippery stuff that can help with this is flavored lubes. They come in different flavors, the most common are strawberry and cherry. The flavored lubes can help make things a bit more fun for those of you giving oral sex. Most of the lubes taste pretty good and make the surface a lot more slippery and easier to play with. The aroma of some of these lubes can also help stimulate you and your partner.

Lube also comes in handy when you are using toys. If you are going to be using lubricants on toys you need to first make sure the lube is safe to be used on toys. You should also be using a lubricant that is water soluble so that way you can clean your toys a lot easier.

Ride Bodyworx Silicone Lubricant by Sliquid is an excellent lube to use for playing in water. If you don’t know already, water is NOT a lubricant. If you are having a little fun by yourself in the bathtub, in the pool with your partner, or anywhere else in water, you can still use lubricant. You just need to make sure that the lube is silicon based. Water based lubes will not work in water, they will simply wash right off. Silicon based lubricants are the only lubes that will stay on in water. You need to be careful with these though because they can stain clothing or sheets. They are not meant to be easily rinsed off so they will not come off of sheets and clothing very easily, if at all.

As you can see there are a lot of different types of lubricants. There are ones that tingle, heat up, are used as massage oil, for anal, for when you are in water, and for toys. There are ones that stain and ones that can be rinsed away with ease. There are just so many out there and it’s hard to choose. Because there are so many out there, there are plenty to help you overcome any reason you have for needing lube. Whether it be vaginal dryness, anal sex, needing more stimulation, or to spice things up there are lubes for that! I hope you and your partner, toy or not, enjoy sex a little bit more with the help of some slippery stuff.

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