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Adult Sex Toys

Looking for something new to play with? Our large selection of toys are sure to please. Whether you’re looking for something for solo play or for use with a partner, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. New to toys or just looking for something new? Want to try a new toy that’s specific to vaginal or anal sex? Have a brand you love? Our toys are sorted to make your search easier.

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  • XGen Midnight Body Wand

    21 Review(s)
    • 1 Silky Smooth

      A jet black, silky smooth version of the much-loved massager that's been giving some of the favorites a run for their money, the Midnight Body Wand is another extra powerful, dramatically user-friendly pleasure tool with a soft, flexible head that easily reaches all the spots you seek to please.

    • 2Multiple Speeds

      The sleek wand style shape fits smoothly in hand, letting you comfortably and easily direct the Soft Touch head over, around and against sore muscles or more intimate areas; a little dial requiring just one free fingertip starts up the vibrations and switches up the multiple speeds.

    • 3 Specifically Engineered

      The BodyWand was specifically engineered for strong, continuous stimulation that won't quit until you're satisfied and sated; you'll appreciate the subdued sound levels, which, considering the power, are impressive. Though not the most silent vibrator you'll come across, it's less intrusive than most electric models. In case you need more reasons to adore the Body Wand, it's made from high-quality, body safe materials, plus, it's powered by good old electricity, so it'll always be ready when you are. If you'll be using a lubricant, choose a good water-based formula; this type of lube is safe for any toy material and will keep your Wand in tip top shape.

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  • XGen Original Body Wand 2.0

    Sold in retail box per piece. Learn More

  • XGen USB Body Wand 2.0

    • 1Magic Wand

      Based on the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand, Body Wand’s line of personal massagers are designed for maximum pleasure, both intimate and as a massager. This is a great product for all over body massage or stimulation, whichever you prefer.

    • 2 Features

      The Body Wand features a wonderful flexible neck so that you can use it to massage all those hard to reach places, yet the head is still strong enough to allow for quite a bit of pressure. There are a variety of attachments available for increased sensations. The Body Wand was engineered for strong and continuous stimulation.

    • 3 USB 2.0

      The USB 2.0 Body Wand has been updated to further elevate your experience. It’s waterproof to allow for spontaneous play in the bath or shower. It’s been redesigned in a smaller, sleeker shape. USB charging now makes travel easier - no more running out of batteries, just unlimited enjoyment. 30 minutes charge = 1 hour of enjoyment.

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  • XGen Original Body Wand

    38 Review(s)
    • 1Like Magic Wand

      The Bodywand by X Gen is a wand style vibrator. Like the Magic Wand Original, it plugs into the wall, makes a lot of noise, and is ridiculously powerful. It can be used for your back, or your peep. You can also use it internally with any attachment made to fit it or the Magic Wand Original.The Bodywand comes in many variations including rechargeable, aqua, and the mini (battery and rechargeable.

    • 2Clean and Care

      The head of the Body Wand head is slightly porous, so be sure to cover it during with a silicone topper, or a sock also works. Wash after each use with a gentle soap. Only use water based lube.

    • 3 Function

      The two speed function also makes me less likely to recommend it to anyone and everyone, despite my deep and abiding love for it. The Bodywand intensities operate by an easy-to-use little wheel, which gives it a broad range.

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  • XGen Body Wand Aqua Waterproof Wand

    • 1One-touch Controls

      The one-touch button means it's easy to change vibration speed with just a touch. No mater how distracted by other pleasures you might be.

    • 2Waterproof

      First, this baby is waterproof. And that's a big deal to us, because it means you can play in the bath, shower, hot tub, sauna. Is it getting hot in here?... Oh, I digress.

    • 3Power

      This vibrator is powerful. When we talk to women who sometimes have trouble reaching orgasm, a strong wand vibrator is one of the first things we bring up.

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  • Palm Power Massager

    1 Review(s)
    • 1USB Version

      The PalmPower has been a favourite among customers around the world since it came. Now, BMS Factory is offering its new version, the PalmPower Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version!

    • 2More Freedom

      Unlike the Original PalmPower, the PalmPower Recharge does not need to be plugged in to work giving you more freedom than ever before. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the PalmPower Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on!

    • 3 Easily Pop

      The PalmPower Recharge works with all current PalmPower Attachments using the same "T" lock guide to keep the attachments secure and in place during use. Easily pop the interchangeable attachments off and replace with any other one when needed for different sensations.

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  • LELO Smart Wand Medium - Plum

    • 1Especially Designed

      Especially designed for those that enjoy all over body, and erotic massage, but want a more medium sized stimulator, we bring you the superb Lelo Smart Wand, an incredibly powerful 8.5-inch personal massager with a smooth rounded head.

    • 2Constructed in Quality

      Constructed in quality, body safe, Plum coloured silicone, the Lelo Smart Wand is rechargeable, and offers two hours of pleasurable stimulation after a two hour charge whilst providing eight intense massage patterns.

    • 3SenseTouch technology

      This superb massager features SenseTouch technology that enables the vibes to strengthen as soon as the device touches the body, along with being fully waterproof, and comes with a 10-year quality guarantee and 1-year warranty

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  • $112.50

  • Insignia by LELO Soraya - Deep Rose

    19 Review(s)
    • 1Measurements

      The LELO Insignia SORAYA Vibrator measures 8.5 inches in total length, with an insertable length of 4.5 inches and a maximum circumference to the shaft of a touch over 4 inches. The clitoral stimulator is just over 2 inches long.

    • 2 Functions and Settings

      There are two motors in the SORAYA, one in the clit stim and the other in the shaft. You press the + button on the handle to power on, and up through the intensity until the highest vibration power, and – to lower the intensity, all the way to off. You use the central () button to scroll through the settings.

    • 3Vibrator Summary

      Fantastic quality, luxury rabbit style vibrator. A sex toy that goes into the pile of ‘will actually use this on a very regular basis without prompting’. You get all the extras you need. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and you get a storage pouch. AND a brooch.

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  • Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug - Black

    2 Review(s)
    • 1 Unbelievable Power

      For a butt plug with unbelievable power, it has to be the Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug. This plug is tapered to make it easy to insert but taking it all in is not for the novice. It is also smooth to make it easier on you to slip it in and if you are a novice this works well and though it may not be a plug that you may fit entirely at the moment, perhaps in time you will eventually get it all in there.

    • 2 Easy and Quite Pleasurable

      For the seasoned anal enthusiast this should be easy and quite pleasurable. If you manage to get it all in, it anchors itself with the T-base so it does not get lost deep inside that hole.

    • 3Sexual Pleasure

      The sexual pleasure does not end there because this baby is powered, you can enjoy the 20 functions and when the battery is used up you can plug it in to recharge it because this baby is rechargeable!

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  • Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager - Black

    4 Review(s)
    • 1Multi-function

      Multi-function and perfect for p-spot stimulation, that is the Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager - Black. This bent sex toy is a special one and it is unlike other bent toys for the ass.

    • 2With 3 Speeds Massager

      It is a prostate massager with 3 speeds and 10 functions that has a unique ball massager and textured tip for that p-spot. You‘ll crave for its attention when you have this kind of orgasm as it is nothing like one you have ever had before.

    • 3 The Big Head

      It can also be used like any other toy and position it any way you like. The girth is just enough for a bit of stretch and you will love the big head.Have fun until the batteries are spent and just recharge for more.

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  • Sensuelle Pearl Rechargeable Vibrator - Black

    4 Review(s)
    • 1Description

      The Sensuelle Pearl vibrator is truly precious and one of a kind. Unlike anything you have ever experienced! You will discover that within the tip is a pearl shaped massager with a unique up and down stroking motion. When used simultaneously with the multi vibration modes, the Sensuelle Pearl with further enhance your sexual experience like nothing else before.

    • 2Features

      The Sensuelle Pearl is made from high quality silicone with an ultra smooth, silky, sensual touch. It has a deeply intense motor, with 10 multi function modes and vibrations. In addition, it has the unique 3 Speed up and down massaging pearl at the tip.

    • 3 Rechargeable

      When you're fully satisfied by the advanced features of the Sensuelle Pearl, there's no need to go on the hunt for fresh batteries. This eco-friendly vibrator actually recharges by either plugging it into a wall or a computer USB port, keeping your entertainment options open no matter where you'd like to explore sensuality.

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  • Sensuelle G Spot Curve Rechargeable Vibrator - Purple

    • 1Description

      Sensuelle Curve 20 Function rechargeable vibrator is designed for G-spot stimulation and is also great for external clitoral stimulation. The NU generation in personal stimulation. Get straight to The Curve.

    • 2Features

      Finally! A vibrator that has it all. Amazingly powerful, 20 functions, sensual touch and rechargeable! The Sensuelle Point is twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel. It is beautiful to touch, but is also is mind blowing intense. It is not just a vibrator, it is a new breed of vibrators that will redefine what a good vibrator is.

    • 35-star reviews

      This product is best used with a water-based lubricant. Many satisfied customers are calling this a "Must Have Toy!" with several 5-star reviews on Amazon. Plus, it's rechargeable, so it's always ready when you are!

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  • Blush Fantasy Vibrating Dong

    • 1 Make your fantasies come true!

      This powerful, bendable vibe will do the trick for your most secret pleasure spots!

    • 2 Satisfying Girth and Flexibility

      Perfectly soft to the touch, the shaft has a satisfying girth and flexibility that will please the most demanding toy user.

    • 3 Waterproof

      It's waterproof, so you can take it into the shower, bath or hot tub!

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  • Blush Stewart Suction Cock

    5 Review(s)
    • 1Realistically

      This realistically sized waterproof dildo with balls and suction cup

    • 2 Phthalate Free

      It is made of phthalate free PVC and will bring you tons of fun anywhere you like

    • 3Detailed Texture

      It has detailed texture and is harness compatible with a suction cup base. Length is 6.75 in., 6 in. insertable, 1.75 in. width

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    Special Price $12.19


  • Couples Pleasure Kit

    4 Review(s)
    • 1 Take It Anywhere

      The Power Bullet is small and discreet so you can take it anywhere.

    • 2 Waterproof

      It is waterproof for fun in and out of the shower.

    • 3Wireless Vibrator

      With batteries included, this is the most powerful wireless vibrator of its size.

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  • Dream Sleeve Masturbator

    • 1 Sure to please

      Quickly warms to your touch, and with just a little water-based lube, this sleeve is sure to please.

    • 2 Beckoning outer lips

      Gorgeous beckoning outer lips has soft, quick-warming and very-lifelike Futuristic material designed to lure you in

    • 3 Super-textured interior

      The super-textured interior that will surely grasp your attention.

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  • Masters Hex Heavy Duty Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher

    • 1Description

      Designed for long lasting erections with its tight fit, this nut is definitely one for the toolbox.

    • 2Big and Thick

      It's big and thick, so it can apply a lot of constriction without too much pressure in a small area. It's like a big burly hug around the base of your cock and balls.

    • 3Stay Big

      You can stretch it around your cock and balls in one motion without a lot of maneuvering. You could even use one or two as ball stretchers. With two you'd get a very serious stretch. However you use it, it looks good, feels good, and helps your erection stay big and imposing.

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  • Power Bullet Vibes

    14 Review(s)
    • 1Power Bullet

      Although just over 2" long, you put the powerful vibrations right where you want them.

    • 2waterproof

      It is waterproof for fun in and out of the shower.

    • 3 batteries included

      With batteries included, this is the most powerful wireless vibrator of its size.

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  • Couples Kit

    4 Review(s)

    Sold in Single Qty

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  • Love Kit

    • 1 LovRub Male

      Sexual stimulation causes local release of nitric oxide, resulting in smooth muscle relaxation and inflow of blood to the corpus cavernosum. Thus, higher concentrations of nitric oxide boost erection quality by further dilating the blood vessels of penile erection tissues.

    • 2 LovRub Female

      Nitric Oxide is the newest and most effective means of increasing sexual performance in both females and males and in those whose libidos are compromised RubLov is a SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT MASSAGE GEL for men and women.

    • 3 Extraordinary Sampler

      The Pleasure Condom Sampler from Condomania is built on the concept that shape and fit can dramatically enhance sensitivity and sensation. We've created an extraordinary sampler of this new breed of condoms that we are sure is going to make a dramtic difference in your sex life.

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  • Male Adult Grab Bag

    • 1 Description

      Who doesn't like a good surprise now and then? Grab one of these fun little bags and you will be surprised at how much fun you can have!

    • 2In the Bag

      Condoms, lubes, bullet vibes, male sex toys, cock rings, female enhancements, male enhancements.

    • 3 Good Surprise

      Then grab this Male adult bag for more entince sex life..

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  • 10 Function Adonis Vibrating Probe - Black

    • 1 Powerful Silicone

      Powerful Silicone probe with sturdy suction cup base. 10 functions of vibration pulsation and escalation. Hold button for 3 seconds to turn off. Sleek push button controller with plug-in jack and LED light. Safe and pure for body and pleasure.

    • 2Non-toxic Materials

      Made using phthalate free non-toxic materials: Silicone probe ABS plastic controlle ABS plastic with silver plating decorative ring PVC cord.

    • 3 Toy Requires

      Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AAA batteries Do not leave batteries in the vibrator between uses. A water based lubricant is recommended.

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  • Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit

    1 Review(s)
    • 1 a right and a wrong

      There's a right and a wrong way to get into anal play. This is the right way - Adam & Eve's Anal Training kit contains three smooth plugs with tapered tips for easy insertion. As you gradually move from one plug to the next, you'll expand your comfort zone without putting your body at risk - and you'll love every step of the process!

    • 2Body-Safe TPR

      Apply plenty of your favorite water-based lubricant and use the ringed handle to control the penetration. A flared base prevents the toy from slipping into your body.

    • 3Cleaning

      Cleaning is an important part of anal play, and these plugs are non-porous for easy sanitation. Clean with soap and water or with any toy cleaner, then store in a cool, dry place. Features a limited warranty from Adam & Eve against defects in craftsmanship.

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  • Adam & Eve EZ Anal Douche - Black

    11 Review(s)
    • 1Satisfying Anal Play

      Here's the best way to get ready for satisfying anal play! Just fill the bulb with warm soapy water and re-attach the flexible .5" wide plastic tip, then gently squeeze the mixture throughout the rectum. Use a little lube on the tip for easy insertion. The EZ Anal Douche's one-of-a-kind flat base keeps it from tipping over.

    • 2Conversation Starter

      It's a real conversation starter! It is highly recommended you use your EZ Anal Douche in the bath or shower –– and lubricating the tip makes a huge difference in terms of comfort!

    • 3 Disassembles for Easy

      Thorough cleaning once you're finished making your tushie sparkling clean for carefree anal fun, unscrew the tip and wash both parts in hot water with soap and rinse thoroughly. Once dried, store your EZ Anal Douche in a cool, dark place.

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  • LELO Tor 2 - Black

    • 1 Made from Silicone

      The LELO TOR 2 Cock Ring is made from silicone, which means it’s compatible with water based lubricants only. Don’t use silicone lubes with this ring, you may well damage the material. As it’s silicone it’s body safe, phthalates free and not porous

    • 2100% Waterproof

      Unlike the Original LELO TOR cock ring, the LELO TOR 2 Cock Ring is 100% waterproof meaning that not only is it very easy to clean completely clean, it’s also useable in the bath or shower too. Whether you want to enjoy it alone or with your partner, the LELO TOR 2 Cock Ring can accompany you during sexy bathroom times.

    • 3Rechargeable

      Before using the LELO TOR 2 Cock Ring, you need to charge it up. This is a rechargeable sex toy, so no batteries to worry about (especially those bloody awful watch batteries). Simply plug the included lead into the port for it and the other end into the mains. There’s an LED which flashes as it’s charging, changing to emit a steady glow when it’s fully charged. I tend to leave my rechargeable sex toys charging overnight.

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  • Bathmate Hercules Hydropump - Blue

    • 1Description

      An innovative pump that harnesses the natural suction created by water in your tub or shower to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of the penis, the Hercules has been endorsed by male sexual health experts, various men's health magazines, and many, many happy customers.

    • 2 Its Work Amazing

      Take a good look at Hercules before getting started to acquaint yourself with your new pump, and read through the included instructions. The theory behind this great system is simple, once the penis is in place and comfortably surrounded by warm water, you'll push down on the cylinder to expel any excess, naturally creating a suction effect. Gentle yet definitely effective, the following pressure draws blood into the penis and surrounding tissue, creating a firm erection and in essence providing a workout for the male sex organ, keeping it in shape, so to speak, and operating at peak capacity. Even if you're a complete newbie, this pump is by no means intimidating, and use is virtually effortless.

    • 3Point Of Hercules.

      Once in the tub or shower, you'll fill the inner cylinder with water and insert the relaxed penis inside. There's a slanted side to the gaiter's sealing ring, this should be placed against the testicle area to avoid unwanted pressure in that area. When the base is evenly placed around the base of the penis, push down on the cylinder to release excess water. You may need to repeat this step a few times, optimal suction occurs when no more water is expelled. At this point, you can lean back and relax, letting the suction do its work. If at any point you experience discomfort or pain, you can immediately eliminate pressure by pushing the quick release valve at the top point of the Hercules.

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  • Hydromax X30 Hydropump - Blue

    • 1 Latest Edition

      The X30 Xtreme takes your hydrotherapy workout to a new level.

    • 2Pump

      A handball pump that works in water for a more extreme pumping sensation and maximum gains with the benefit of absolute comfort and control.

    • 3Unique design

      The big difference with Hydromax X30 Xteme is the power and more useable.

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  • Je Joue Mio Cock Ring w/Five Vibrations - Purple

    • 1 Stroger, Longer

      This cock ring will keep him harder for longer, and give her intense external vibration during sex, making sure you both get more.

    • 2Super Smooth and Soft

      Mio is easy to put on. Once the penis is hard, simply add a dash of water-based lube and slide it down to the base.

    • 3Flexible and Powerful

      Flexible, comfortable and 100% body safe and natural way to stay harder, longer–and a great alternative to chemical pills and potions.

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  • OhMiBod Club Vibe 2

    • 1 Absolutely Revolutionary

      Absolutely revolutionary in its fantastically discreet, amazingly pleasurable functions and dance-floor worthy, couple friendly styling, the Club Vibe 2.OH is an absolutely gorgeous wireless stimulator and panty combo perfectly designed for an incredible range of rapturous enjoyment options.

    • 2 Powerful Collection

      Versatile to the extreme, the Club Vibe offers not only a powerful collection of pre-programmed pleasure modes, but also a music-sensitive setting that wirelessly transits the beat and rhythm of songs and sounds around you, creating absolutely unique vibration patterns.

    • 3Completely Rechargeable

      the Club Vibe requires only a USB port, or compatible USB charger plus a single 12V battery (included) for the remote. A full charge will have the motor ready for up to 4 hours of fun- quiet fun, at that, as this vibe is extremely subdued in terms of sound. Panties fit most.

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  • OhMiBod Blue Motion Bluetooth Vibrator

    • 1 Size & Design

      The OhMiBod blueMotion is small hand-held vibrator that’s 3.75 inches long by 1.75 inches across. It is lightweight and curved so you can comfortably hold it, or fit it into your panty. In fact, OhMiBod includes a Size Fits Most panty with the toy, designed to perfect fit with the vibrator!

    • 2Soft, Velvety Feelingsoft

      The toy is made entirely out of ABS plastic – aside from the button and charging port cover. The entire toy has the soft, velvety feeling to it, but it’s firm like plastic. The firm material is ideal for grinding up against or creating a seamless glide with a good lube.

    • 3Vibration & Power

      The OhMiBod blueMotion is incredibly easy to use. You can turn it on and cycle through the setting with the button on the toy, or connect it to your smartphone using the OhMiBod Remote App. The placement of the buttons is comfortable because you don’t have to reach out of the way to change the function. It’s in perfect reach of your fingers. If you’re using the app, you can control the vibrations with your phone within a 26-foot distance or via wifi, to a partner anywhere in the world. Pairing your phone to the toy is easy, and the OhMiBod comes with instructions in the manual.

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  • Jimmyjane Hello Touch

    27 Review(s)
    • 1Fingerpads

      You can, in theory, put the fingerpads on any finger or your thumb, if it’ll fit. I do not have particularly large or fat fingers, although thin women will have smaller fingers than I. But these pads are uncomfortably tight. There is no pain, but they do stop bloodflow.

    • 2Vibrations

      The Hello Touch is 3 times more powerfu When you first turn it on, if the pads aren’t on your fingers yet, you might think it has a bit of a kick. But of course when a vibrator is held firmly near it’s motor, the vibrations will always dampen to some degree.l

    • 3 Power Pack

      Moving on to the power pack, we find even more flaws. The most obvious being that the buttons take a good amount of pressure to turn off and on.

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  • Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G Spot Rabbit

    • 1Tailor-Made Orgasms

      Tailor-made orgasms are on hand with Greedy Girl, a G-spot rabbit vibrator that combines silky silicone with 36 possible vibration mode combinations. USB rechargeable, waterproof and travel-friendly with 2 powerful motors and 15 speeds and patterns.

    • 22 Motors Power

      Not 1 but 2 motors power the vibrations in the shaft and clitoral stimulator of the Greedy Girl rabbit vibe. The motor in the curved shaft is bursting with 3 speeds and 9 patterns of vibration for an intense G-spot massage. Team this with the 3 delicious speeds in the long thick, flexible ears for simultaneous clitoral stimulation and sensational blended orgasms.

    • 3Slather Generously

      Slather generously with your favorite water-based lubricant for extra pleasurable sensations. Greedy Girl's Vital Function Stats: Ears: 3 x speeds; Shaft: 3 x speeds, 9 x patterns Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

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  • Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating - Light Tone

    • 1 Design

      A replica of your own beautiful cock is in this Light Tone kit with specially timed molding powder, amazing liquid rubber, stir stick, vibrating unit, molding tube and easy to follow directions.

    • 2 Safety

      It contains no latex, completely safe and non-allergenic, usable with any lube, and its fun to do!

    • 3 Power-operated

      Requires one AA size battery.

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  • Kinklab Red Handle Neon Wand w/Red Electrode

    10 Review(s)
    • 1 Neon Wand

      A visually stunning way to stimulate your senses.

    • 2 Glowing glass attachments

      Has a unique ability to literally make sparks fly from your fingertipsthis instrument of pleasure has an incredible repertoire of ways to discharge static electricity across the skin's surfacecreating sensations that range from a warm tingle to an attention gettingfocused sting.

    • 3Inclusion

      Comes with electrode combmushroom tube90 degree probeand tongue tube attachments.

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  • Mystim Tension Lover Nervestimulator

    • 1 Self adhesive electrodes

      Can be used repeatedly and they are extremely flexible

    • 2Adjustable channels

      There are 2 of these, 7 different programs for the satisfaction of individual wants, from affectionate to intensive up to hard

    • 3 Timer

      10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes, intensity, pulse width and pulse rate are arbitrary for the user,

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  • Kinklab Neon Wand - Violet

    • 1 Electrodes

      The sensation varies from feeling nothing at all on low to sort of warm tickling sensation about midway and a sharp prickly feeling turned all the way up.

    • 2 Controls

      It’s one dial that you turn clockwise to turn it on and increase intensity and counterclockwise to decrease intensity and turn it off.

    • 3 Cleaning

      Can be cleaned with at least 75% alcohol

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  • Mystim Electric Eric Vibe - Sexy Black

    • 1 Vibration

      Has not one but two vibration motors: one in the tip and one in the shaft. In 8 different programs and 5 different intensity levels

    • 2 E-stim

      each of the e-stim vibe's 5 electrical stimulation programs is set on bringing you a tingly new sensation, and you can choose between 10 different levels of intensity

    • 3 Platinum silicone

      This makes him not only very hygienic, but also easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap

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  • Spareparts Joque Harness 20-50" - Jet Black/Black

    95 Review(s)
    • 1 Elastic O-ring

      Is stretchable making it suitable for a variety of different dildos and attachments

    • 2 Leg Straps

      Let's you move the sliders into place and the locking teeth hold the straps and harness securely

    • 3 Belt

      Is secured with Velcro and has a unique second elastic pull feature which locks your product in place

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  • Spareparts Deuce Male Magnum XL Harness 20-50" - Jet Black/Black

    23 Review(s)
    • 1 Internal Pocket

      Holds a vibrator for extra stimulation

    • 2 Leg straps

      Lightly cross over the perineum for added pleasure

    • 3 Belt

      Fits waists 20"-50"

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