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Best Selling Sex Toys

Adult toys and vibrators have become popular ways of satisfying one’s sexual desires. Condomania has a range of best selling toys that anyone can choose from. The greatest advantage is that if you purchase a toy or set of products worth more than $25, you qualify for free shipping. 

When it comes to adult toys, the most common are the bswish brands such as the Bwild Deluxe Bunny Blue Lagoon. This vibrator is one of the best brands on the market and is made from body safe silicone. It has a uniquely designed head that will comfortably fill the sweet spot you desire, while at the same time, the bunny’s smooth and tickly ears will drive you wild. It has a big g-spot seeking shaft with a dual stimulating shape. It pays attention to all pleasure points with equal intensity. 

The BMine Classic Curve is perfect for use alone or with a partner. Browse the other best selling toys for ideas on which one to buy next.

  • Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit

    1 Review(s)
    • 1 a right and a wrong

      There's a right and a wrong way to get into anal play. This is the right way - Adam & Eve's Anal Training kit contains three smooth plugs with tapered tips for easy insertion. As you gradually move from one plug to the next, you'll expand your comfort zone without putting your body at risk - and you'll love every step of the process!

    • 2Body-Safe TPR

      Apply plenty of your favorite water-based lubricant and use the ringed handle to control the penetration. A flared base prevents the toy from slipping into your body.

    • 3Cleaning

      Cleaning is an important part of anal play, and these plugs are non-porous for easy sanitation. Clean with soap and water or with any toy cleaner, then store in a cool, dry place. Features a limited warranty from Adam & Eve against defects in craftsmanship.

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  • 5" Male P-Spot Massager (Black)

    • 1 Stimulates Both The Prostate And The Perineum

      A sleek contoured massager that takes full advantage of the tremendous amount of never endings in the anal area and the prostate.

    • 2 Works In Harmony With Your Body

      With a subtly bulbous, perfectly up-angled head, the P-Spot massager is shaped for effortless stimulation of the male g-spot and works in harmony with your body's own movements.

    • 3 Easy to Use

      The massager is easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences.

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  • Door Slam Love Swing

    • 1 Exciting new take on love-making

      Open the door to erotic adventures with this naughty bondage set.

    • 2 Daring door sex swing

      Your lover will have a seriously hot view once you're hoisted high and you can both experience the thrill of gravity free loving.

    • 3 Comfortable and super sexy experience

      Features fully adjustable durable nylon straps for a comfortable and super sexy experience.

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  • Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Slider

    • 1 Perfectly Angled

      Dramatically angled and boasting an extra large, strategically shaped taper, the Pure Indulgence Anal Slider is shaped perfectly and naturally up-angled on an ergonomically curvy neck for male prostate stimulation for a mind-blowing orgasms.

    • 2 Bulbous Tip

      Smoothly tapered and perfectly curvaceous at the bulb-shaped tip, provides a precision grip for the type of firm, unrelenting massage that lends itself best to p-spot stimulation

    • 3 Hypoallergenic

      Ideal for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, glass is hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

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  • Callisto Clear Glass Dildo

    • 1 Spiraled ridges

      Spiraled ridges and thick nubs that will provide hte necessary friction to send you straight to ecstacy.

    • 2 Shaped Perfectly

      Arrow-straight and and silkily curved at the tip, the crystal clear Callisto dildo in decadently firm and amazingly precise glass is shaped perfectly for a blissful versatile stimulation.

    • 3 Hypoallergenic

      Ideal for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, glass is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, plus, it can be enjoyed with any type lubricant, massage oil or otherwise.

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  • BGood Deluxe Hot Pink

    20 Review(s)
    • 1 Absolute Pleasure Shape

      Formed into a smooth and unbelievably silky taper, the sleek, straight shaft is tipped by a gentle point that lavishes precision stimulation.

    • 2 6 Orgasmic Vibration Functions

      Patterns of steady vibration and exciting patterns of pulsation and escalation, which reverberate evenly from tip to base.

    • 3 Natural Feel

      You'll adore the silky touch and dreamily realistic feel, plus, it's ideal for sensitive skin and won't irritate even the most delicate body parts.

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  • BMine Classic Curve

    1 Review(s)
    • 1 Unique Design

      Dramatically slanted shape allows it to perfectly pinpoint the clitoris, nipples, head of the penis, and any other erogenous zone that's aching for some attention.

    • 2 Extremely Discreet

      It's not much bigger than a lipstick, so you'll be able can take it along on almost any sexual escapade, including those shower and tub centered situations, as it's fully waterproof.

    • 3 5-functions

      Five toe-curling modes of vibration are contained within this innocent-looking pleasure powerhouse, three speeds of steady vibration give way to two thrilling patterns of pulsation and escalation.

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  • BDesired Deluxe Rose

    • 1 Sleek Design

      A silky contoured tip precisely targets erogenous zones body-wide, from clitoris to nipples and beyond.

    • 2 Smooth Silicone Touch

      Sinfully soft for effortless g-spot love, not to mention its boundless external pleasure possibilities.

    • 3 6-functions

      Six distinct vibration and pulsation patterns to choose from to suit your individual preference.

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  • BWild Classic Marine Rose

    • 1 Gorgeously contoured

      Aside from naturally massaging the nerve ending rich upper vaginal wall and g-spot with its sexily swollen shaft, the curvy clitoral stimulator reaching up from below nestles perfectly against the clitoris, practically guaranteeing a fantastic finish.

    • 2 Delightfully manageable

      Smoothly contoured and ultra manageable, the Bwild Classic Marine lavishes lots of simultaneous love on sweet spots inside and out.

    • 3 Five blissfully distinct modes

      The five available vibration patterns range from steady to toe-curling pulses of pleasure- the mode of choice is synchronized between both motors.

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  • Bwild Deluxe Bunny Blue Lagoon

    • 1 Dual stimulating shape

      The shafts uniquely contoured head will fill the sweet spot you desire, while the bunny’s velvety smooth tickly ears and pinpoint-precise nose will drive you wild.

    • 2 Smoothly contoured shape

      Perfectly contoured for supremely full-coverage pleasure and easily lavishes lots of simultaneous love on sweet spots inside and out.

    • 3 Six toe-curling pulses of pleasure

      Features 6-functions of steady, pulsating and escalating power, which stimulate each body contact point courtesy of twin motors.

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  • Condomania Anal Training Kit / Butt Plug Sampler

    • 1 No experience required

      This set is easy for beginners to use, but allows for experimentation and progression without having to buy another set.

    • 2 Solo?

      Easy to hold for use either solo or with a partner.

    • 3 Multiple Materials

      Silicone and glass for experimentation with a variety of sensations.

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  • BDesired Deluxe Curve Black

    3 Review(s)
    • 1 Sleek Design

      Sexily arched g-spot-loving tip will find the pleasure zone you desire.

    • 2 Smooth Silicone Touch

      Easy to manage with a velvety smooth feel and seamless design made for first time users or more experienced players alike.

    • 3 6-Functions

      Has 6 different stimulation settings which offer the perfect point placement.

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  • Blush Male Prostate Stimulator

    • 1 Male G-spot Massager

      Designed to achieve deeper orgasmic pleasure for men.

    • 2 A stimulating device

      Stimulates and massages the prostate for an intense sexual pleasure.

    • 3 A Great Choice

      A great choice for those who are looking to try one for the first time or are looking for a more budget friendly option.

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  • Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug

    • 1 Erotic Work of Art

      Featuring a beautiful, serene amethyst color, this glass toy is a functional erotic work of art for a unique sensation.

    • 2 Shaped Perfectly

      Classically shaped, and scaled down to a very manageable size, the Amethyst is designed to gently widen the anal opening and stay sturdily in place once positioned and an extra wide base finishes a longer neck, eliminating the possibility of too-deep penetration.

    • 3 Hypoallergenic

      Ideal for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, glass is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, plus, it can be enjoyed with any type lubricant, massage oil or otherwise.

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  • Position Pal

    • 1 Discover More

      Lets you enjoy and enhance your favorite sex positions—and discover more—night after sexy night!

    • 2 Fully Adjustable Ankle Straps

      The comfortable, padded headrest and fully adjustable ankle straps give you all the angles necessary for maximum penetration.

    • 3 Simple to use

      Follow all printed safety instructions as you would with any adult toy for hours of fun.

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