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  • Aneros Eupho Male Prostate Stimulator

    • 1 Hands-Free Mechanism

      Complete with the Aneros hands-free mechanism, this elegant second generation prostate stimulator is as beautiful as it is effective. Get ready for some of the most intense orgasms of your life, without even touching yourself.

    • 2 Uncharted Territory

      The delicately shaped Eupho features a petite head and stem which combine to produce explosive pleasure. Enjoy an enticing, appealing shape that tingles and coaxes you slowly to new sensations and uncharted territory.

    • 3 Eupho is Best

      Coat with a generous helping of anal lube before use to get the most from your new toy. The Eupho is best reserved for advanced and experienced users who have developed their technique.

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  • Aneros Eupho Syn Male Prostate Stimulator

    • 1Smooth Silicone

      Sleek, slender, and sensationally smooth silicone presses deliciously against your P-spot when you discover the clever curves of the Eupho Syn massager. Slimmer and more refined than the original Eupho, advanced users will adore its iconic shape.

    • 2Whole New Level

      The slim profile allows for precise internal sensations, whilst the curved perineum tickler takes your pleasure to a whole new level. With its subtle but effective attention to detail and sophisticated finish, this high-quality male sex toy is a bedroom essential for P-spot pleasure fans.

    • 3 Tantalizing Toy

      Team this tantalizing toy with plenty of water-based lubricant for the ultimate experience. Experiment by contracting your sphincter muscles for an out-of-this-world, hands-free climax.

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  • Aneros Helix Syn Male Prostate Stimulator

    • 1Aneros Helix Syn

      Revamp your rump-ranging fun with the redesigned Aneros Helix Syn, a weighty, curved massager that presses super-smooth, velvety silicone against your P-spot for incredibly intense orgasms. Use it alone or with a partner for lip-bitingly fun thrills.

    • 2Soft Silicone

      Made from soft silicone on the outside, the rigid inner frame is firm enough to satisfy both beginners and experts alike when pairs with plenty of water-based lubricant. The memorable self-pivoting design and contoured surface make this innovative prostate massager perfectly proportioned for hands-free prostate stimulation.

    • 3Enhance Pleasure

      Use your Helix Syn during masturbation, foreplay or sex to enhance pleasure, or gently rock against it to release P-spot orgasm potential.

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  • Aneros Progasm Jr. Male Prostate Stimulator

    • 1Product Description

      Petite but pleasurable, this beginner's prostate toy from masters of male anal pleasure, Aneros, delivers gorgeously gratifying sensations both inside and out for bum fun beginners. Its hand-free design lets you easily rock against its curves during wear.

    • 2Featuring Aneros

      Signature smooth contours, hands-free design and perineum-massaging tab, the sleek plastic of the internal shaft measures just 3.5 inches, making it an ideal size for beginners.

    • 3Comfortably Inside

      Coat in your favourite water-based lubricant and glide the smooth plastic bulb into your anus. Once comfortably inside, the bulbous tip presses against the prostate, creating exciting pleasures that escalate to incredible orgasms.

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