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BSwish Adult Toys

  • Bwild Deluxe Bunny Blue Lagoon

    • 1 Dual stimulating shape

      The shafts uniquely contoured head will fill the sweet spot you desire, while the bunny’s velvety smooth tickly ears and pinpoint-precise nose will drive you wild.

    • 2 Smoothly contoured shape

      Perfectly contoured for supremely full-coverage pleasure and easily lavishes lots of simultaneous love on sweet spots inside and out.

    • 3 Six toe-curling pulses of pleasure

      Features 6-functions of steady, pulsating and escalating power, which stimulate each body contact point courtesy of twin motors.

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  • BWild Classic Marine Rose

    • 1 Gorgeously contoured

      Aside from naturally massaging the nerve ending rich upper vaginal wall and g-spot with its sexily swollen shaft, the curvy clitoral stimulator reaching up from below nestles perfectly against the clitoris, practically guaranteeing a fantastic finish.

    • 2 Delightfully manageable

      Smoothly contoured and ultra manageable, the Bwild Classic Marine lavishes lots of simultaneous love on sweet spots inside and out.

    • 3 Five blissfully distinct modes

      The five available vibration patterns range from steady to toe-curling pulses of pleasure- the mode of choice is synchronized between both motors.

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  • BDesired Deluxe Rose

    • 1 Sleek Design

      A silky contoured tip precisely targets erogenous zones body-wide, from clitoris to nipples and beyond.

    • 2 Smooth Silicone Touch

      Sinfully soft for effortless g-spot love, not to mention its boundless external pleasure possibilities.

    • 3 6-functions

      Six distinct vibration and pulsation patterns to choose from to suit your individual preference.

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  • BMine Classic Curve

    1 Review(s)
    • 1 Unique Design

      Dramatically slanted shape allows it to perfectly pinpoint the clitoris, nipples, head of the penis, and any other erogenous zone that's aching for some attention.

    • 2 Extremely Discreet

      It's not much bigger than a lipstick, so you'll be able can take it along on almost any sexual escapade, including those shower and tub centered situations, as it's fully waterproof.

    • 3 5-functions

      Five toe-curling modes of vibration are contained within this innocent-looking pleasure powerhouse, three speeds of steady vibration give way to two thrilling patterns of pulsation and escalation.

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  • BGood Deluxe Hot Pink

    20 Review(s)
    • 1 Absolute Pleasure Shape

      Formed into a smooth and unbelievably silky taper, the sleek, straight shaft is tipped by a gentle point that lavishes precision stimulation.

    • 2 6 Orgasmic Vibration Functions

      Patterns of steady vibration and exciting patterns of pulsation and escalation, which reverberate evenly from tip to base.

    • 3 Natural Feel

      You'll adore the silky touch and dreamily realistic feel, plus, it's ideal for sensitive skin and won't irritate even the most delicate body parts.

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  • BDesired Deluxe Curve Black

    3 Review(s)
    • 1 Sleek Design

      Sexily arched g-spot-loving tip will find the pleasure zone you desire.

    • 2 Smooth Silicone Touch

      Easy to manage with a velvety smooth feel and seamless design made for first time users or more experienced players alike.

    • 3 6-Functions

      Has 6 different stimulation settings which offer the perfect point placement.

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