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  • Kinklab Red Handle Neon Wand w/Red Electrode

    10 Review(s)
    • 1 Neon Wand

      A visually stunning way to stimulate your senses.

    • 2 Glowing glass attachments

      Has a unique ability to literally make sparks fly from your fingertipsthis instrument of pleasure has an incredible repertoire of ways to discharge static electricity across the skin's surfacecreating sensations that range from a warm tingle to an attention gettingfocused sting.

    • 3Inclusion

      Comes with electrode combmushroom tube90 degree probeand tongue tube attachments.

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  • Kinklab Neon Wand - Violet

    • 1 Electrodes

      The sensation varies from feeling nothing at all on low to sort of warm tickling sensation about midway and a sharp prickly feeling turned all the way up.

    • 2 Controls

      It’s one dial that you turn clockwise to turn it on and increase intensity and counterclockwise to decrease intensity and turn it off.

    • 3 Cleaning

      Can be cleaned with at least 75% alcohol

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