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Best Condom Style To Use

When you stop by the drug store and take that walk down the condom aisle you see yourself looking at a wide range of condoms. You will envision yourself looking at the color of the box, quantity, lubricated, size, and how much pleasure the condom may offer you and your partner.

Best Condom Style To Use

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You may even have a more colorful side and choose something on the wild side. Either way which condom is best for you?

Let’s Talk Styles

While shopping for condoms I am curious if you feel slightly embarrassed. You have to decide not only for you, but what’s best for her as comfortably. You have all types to choose from but again, which is best for you? You want to scream show me the best condoms, you Condom Gods! Well, if only they would answer you.

You have to take into consideration what is the actual condom that will best suit you and your partner’s needs. Do you need larger, smaller, latex free, lubricated or ribbed or in between all of the above? I remember buying a condom, which was bare skin, lubricated with a small vibrator attached. Although, it was quite interested and quite fun for her… it fit quite snug for me.

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When choosing condoms, men generally choose the most popular brands. Health clinics free condoms are commonly frowned upon because they aren’t as popular and seem to fit snug on most and the smell of latex. The next thing to consider are the different styles of condoms.

Condom Size Chart

Nine Ways to Go

1. Thin or Sensitive – condoms that feel like they’re not even there.

2. Stronger condom – Stronger condoms sometimes means thicker but not always. Some thin condoms claim to be stronger than average condoms.

3. Textured condoms – A sure fire way to get her attention but remember not every woman is into speed bumps.

4. Flavored condoms – If you plan on starting the evening with oral sex, a flavored condom might be the ticket for you. Even if you just want to experiment with your partner, try adding some spice with a mint or vanilla flavored condom.

5. Colored condoms – Colored condoms are the perfect choice for black tie affairs or go green on St. Patty’s Day. There are even Red White and Blue condoms for those patriotic nights. carries 10 different colors of condoms as well as those funny glow in the dark condoms.

6. Non-lubed condoms – Non lubed condoms are used for many things like Microphone covers, gun covers and ultrasound machines. Non-lubed condoms also go good with warming or flavored lubricants for a spicy night of safe oral fun.

7. Desensitizing condoms – These Climax Control condoms help men last longer by delaying climax. A great condom if you are a short sprinter but not so much if you have no problem with timing as these condoms tend to make your unit go numb.

8. New shapes – Spring action, minimalist design, Spiral shapes, Pleasure pouches, even Dolphin shaped condoms. A must try for the serious condom connoisseur.

9. Vibrating condoms – Vibrating condom rings are not actually condoms but they can be used with your best condoms to enhance pleasure for her and help you last longer as well. Another must have in the best condom search.

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If you are torn which condom to buy, you can visit an adult store or shop online for variety condoms to get a feel which condoms work for you and your mate. Most couples love a variety. Perhaps they are on a more kinkier side than other conservative couples. Either way, you can get an idea what condom is best for you. The goal is to determine the best condom that fits, doesn’t break, irritate you and/or your partner and gives you both the ultimate pleasure.

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