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Package includes: Cock Ring - Set of 4 and Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms

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Package includes: Cock Ring - Set of 4 and Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms

Cock Ring - Set of 4

Rock Solid cock rings are made of super stretchy TPR and can be used with a water-based lubricant.

Packaged in a bag, Rock Hard cock rings are available in black and have a variety of pattern designs that create sensations for both the wearer and their partner.

For example, the Gear Ring is shaped like a sprocket with pleasure nubs lining the outside. The Donut & Nubby Ring Set can be used several different ways for versatility. Its extra-small size means a better fit for smaller men, since the interiors measure 0.5 inches wide.

Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms

Beyond Seven Aloe is an ultra-thin condom with a special Aloe-Based lubricant. Generously lubricated with natural aloe extract, it is designed to relieve women's discomfort during intercourse. Made with Sheerlon Latex, a softer thinner form of latex, these condoms are only 0.05 milimeters thick and feel amazing. 

Aloe is known to prevent irritation, pain, itching and also helps to retain moisture, giving a smooth feeling lubricant that lasts extra long. Beyond Seven Aloe (formerly known as the Fe+Male Condom) has four times more lubricant than regular condoms, but washes off easily with water. These will keep you wet longer. Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms will keep things slippery and comfortable when you need to keep the party going.

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