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Comfort Fit Condoms

Comfort Fit condoms are five star rated quality condoms that give you a natural feeling when performing intercourse. The Sustain Comfort Condoms do a great job fitting well and feeling good in intercourse. The form fitting shape gives a natural feel. They are also snug at the base to ensure that they stay on, but allow for movement along the entire length of the condom. Sustain comfort fit condoms make you feel safe, but also make you feel as if you do not have a condom on. The average size is 52 mm in width, 58 mm at the head, and the rest is form fitted for comfort and ease of use. Similar brands include Kimono Thin and Durex Extra Sensitive. The Sustain Comfort Condoms give a similar feel of barely there condom use. This allows you to enjoy your experience with your partner to the max making it a wonderful and safe experience.

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