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Kimono Condoms

Kimono is “America’s Original Thin” condom that offers you the thinnest latex line on the market. Known for making Micro Thin condoms that conforms to every penis shape and size, this line of latex rubbers give off a more natural feeling; both partners will experience their best intimate sensation yet. The “Caribbean” condoms are tested five time each to ensure strength and reliability in every individual wrapper. Kimono has been top rated by their consumers for 26 years, and are currently the thinnest family of condoms today. With five different styles to choose from, Slip into a Kimono today and you compare the thinness!

  • Kimono Maxx Flared

    • 1 Thin

      20% Thinner Than Other Large Condoms for more sensation, more fun, and more stimulation!

    • 2 Flare shape

      Features an exaggerated flared shape which provides extra headroom along with additional width for more comfort.

    • 3 Lubricated

      Enhanced by a silky water based lubricant that provides a smooth, ultra natural feeling.

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  • Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots

    73 Review(s)
    • 1 Ribbed + Sensi-Dots

      Features dozens of ribs and hundreds of Sensi-Dots to increase friction and provide more stimulation for her.

    • 2 MicroThin

      Thinner than most other textured condoms for more sensation.

    • 3 Vegan

      Vegan friendly, paraben and glycerin free.

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  • Kimono Maxx

    19 Review(s)
    • 1 Thin

      20% thinner than average designed to provide a better love making experience.

    • 2 Extra headroom

      Offers a longer shaft and more headroom for more comfort

    • 3 Contoured shape

      Easier to put on, comfortable to wear and much stronger.

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  • Kimono MicroThin

    7 Review(s)
    • 1 Best rated condom for thinness

      20% thinner than other ultra-thin brands providing users with a sheer, thin design while maintaining superior performance.

    • 2 5X Tested, Stronger, Reliable

      5X tested, and not only meet, but exceed US and International Standards for strength and reliability.

    • 3 Vegan

      Paraben and glycerin free, no milk/animal protein.

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  • Kimono MicroThin Large

    34 Review(s)
    • 1 Thinnest Large Condom

      upto 45% thinner than other large brands providing users with a sheer, thin design while maintaining comfort and superior performance.

    • 2 Best large condom

      A relaxed fit at the head eliminates that constricting feeling, an increase in length of the condom to provide coverage for a longer penis, and a retained secure fitting base to prevent slipping or leaking.

    • 3 Vegan

      Paraben and glycerin free, no milk/animal proteins.

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  • Kimono Microthin Plus Aqua Lube

    61 Review(s)
    • 1 Microthin

      Super thin and form-fitting that allows you to feel and perform your best.

    • 2 Vegan-friendly

      No milk/animal proteins.

    • 3 Aqua Lube

      Lubricated with Aqua Lube that reduces friction and provides a unique slippery feeling.

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  • Kimono Thin

    • 1 Thin

      Thinner than standard condoms for added sensation and a more natural feel.

    • 2 Glove-like fit

      A tighter fitting condom that stays on like a glove.

    • 3 Comfort fit shape

      Features a slight indent immediately below the head of the condom which helps it conform to your natural shape and secures the condom in place.

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  • Kimono Special Condoms

    • 1 Thin

      Thinner than standard condoms for added sensation and a more natural feel.

    • 2 Straight-sided shape condom

      This makes for easy application, roomy comfort, and the intense physical sensation of the flowing movement of the condom.

    • 3 Vegan

      Paraben and glycerin free, Vegan friendly condom, no milk/animal proteins

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  • Kimono MicroThin XL

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