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L Condoms

L. Condoms are not only a great condom, they are a great cause. These vegan, latex condoms are easier on the environment (made from sustainably harvested ingredients), easier on the body (glycerin and paraben free), easier on the nose (a much lower than average latex odor), and easier to have a good time with (their latex formula is softer and thinner than average). In addition to being a great condom, L Condoms gives back with their buy one give one policy. For every condom you purchase, L will give one to someone in an underdeveloped country - helping to stop the spread of HIV/Aids and other STIs and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Like other major condom brands, L. Condoms are electronically tested to ensure quality and safety.

  • L. Large Condoms

    • 1 Vegan

      Lubricated 100% latex condoms that have a spermicide, paraben and glycerin-free lubricant, and are vegan-friendly.

    • 2 Thinner than average

      Their latex formula is softer and thinner than average

    • 3 Better sex, a better cause, and a better world

      For every condom you purchase, L. gives one to an underdeveloped country in need.

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