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How to Prepare for Amazing Anal Sex

With thousands of nerve endings surrounding the opening of the anus and the outer part of the rectum, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for both men and women.

However, if you are a little apprehensive about venturing into this new territory, we recommend following these tried and true tips to relax and enjoy your first time!


Anal sex can make many women feel slightly uncomfortable. If you and your partner are interested in experimenting with anal sex, the first step is openly communicating your desires and your fears. If you are on the fence, voice your concerns, but keep an open mind.

You should never feel pressured or force yourself into a sexual situation where you feel uncomfortable. Make sure you are fully on board and empowered by the idea, before you move forward with anal sex.


Anal sex is not something that should be done spontaneously. Ideally you will want to cleanse the area with an anal douche, such as our best-selling Adam & Eve Anal Douche. Alternatively, you can perform an enema prior to penetration, but this should be done a few hours beforehand, as it can cause the rectum to be sensitive. Once you are feeling squeaky clean, some of the anxiety you might be feeling should subside.


This is essential for everyone exploring anal sex. Period. While the vagina naturally lubricates during sex, the anus does not. You will need A LOT of lubricant for comfortable anal sex. There are a variety of lubes on the market that are well suited for anal sex, so you can really take your pick!

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A note: Although desensitizing lubes are available as an option, and used by some during anal sex, we do not recommend it. The ability to feel discomfort is your body’s natural way of telling you that you are going too fast or too far. Without sensation, you could risk irritating the sensitive tissue of the anus and even tearing it.

Start Slow

While preparing for anal sex, experiment first with fingering the anus. It’s best to get comfortable and confident throughout a few sexy sessions before you graduate to full penetration. Relaxation is the number one factor in enjoying amazing anal sex.

Tip: consider using latex gloves during fingering, to protect the rectum from scratches and tears from fingernails.

Experiment with toys

Butt plugs are your new best friends. They are fantastic ‘training’ tools when preparing for anal sex because they allow you to familiarize yourself with the sensation of being penetrated anally, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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You can play with butt plugs leading up to anal sex, either individually or with your partner as part of foreplay. Try the Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit. After having ‘worn’ your butt plug for a period of time, your muscles will be more relaxed and accepting of anal sex.

Being Horny Helps

When your body is really excited and aroused, it is more likely to be relaxed. This is the perfect state for venturing into anal sex. Prepare with tons of foreplay – go down on each other, offer each other sensual massages and even stimulate the anus to prepare for full penetration.

Try Different Positions

Allowing yourself to control the momentum and pace is important for anyone feeling slightly tense. Trying different positions where you have more control, such as in a seated position or doggie style, will allow you to gently and slowly lower yourself onto the cock.

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Don’t Switch Holes

Never, ever go from anal sex to vaginal sex directly. It is highly recommended to switch condoms, and definitely wash any object that will be going from the anus to the vagina carefully with soap and water. The bacteria found in the anal cavity can cause vaginal or urinary tract infections.

Note: to protect against the transmission of STIs, including HIV, we recommend using a condom during anal sex, shop your favorites here.

Between the excitement of trying something new, and the fullness and pressure of being penetrated in the rear, some women can orgasm from anal sex alone, while others prefer to have their genitals stimulated during the act to increase arousal. Either way, remember to keep an open mind and always stay within your comfort zone, and you are in for a highly-pleasurable ride!

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