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Hybrid Lubes: The Advantages of a Silicone-Water Based Lube

Personal lubricants are typically formulated with a water, silicone, or oil base. However, some manufacturers are experimenting with hybrids that combine silicone and water to create a unique effect. These lubricants consist primarily of water-based lube with a small amount of added silicone—just enough to drastically alter the consistency and feel of the product.

Some of the advantages of hybrid lubes include:

A Unique Texture – Silicone lubes are popular for their slippery, smooth texture. Hybrids offer a similar feeling; they drastically limit friction, and while formulas vary from one manufacturer to the next, hybrids generally feel smooth and creamy when compared to water-based products.

Long Lasting – Hybrid lubes stay slippery for longer than most water-based lubes, as the silicone ingredients greatly extend the life of the product. Like any lubes, they eventually dry off, but you’ll get a lot of long-lasting slickness from each bottle.

Easy to Clean – Cleanup is also easy since hybrid lubes are mostly water soluble. Many hybrid lubes are also stain resistant, so they won’t ruin your sheets or your clothes.

Affordable – Water-based lubricants are inexpensive. Because hybrids use a fairly small amount of silicone, they are typically affordable when compared to pure silicone lubes. However, costs vary from one formula to the next.

Most importantly, hybrid lubes are completely safe for anal, vaginal, and oral sex, provided that neither you or your partner have silicone allergies. Silicone allergies are rare and usually present mild symptoms such as skin irritation, itching, and watery eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms, wash off the lube with mild soap and water. Contact your physician if symptoms get worse or persist for more than a few hours.

Tips for Using a Hybrid Lube

You can use hybrids the same way you’d use silicone-based lubes. Apply liberally before sex or masturbation and enjoy yourself.

Unlike oil-based products, hybrid lubes will not damage latex condoms. You can safely use them with most sex toys, depending on the formulation of the product; while pure silicone will break down silicone toys, hybrid lubes usually contain enough water to reduce molecular friction. This isn’t always the case, however, and you may want to test your lube on a small section of your toy before coating it. If the product seems to take on a gummy, sticky quality when rubbing against silicone, you’ll need to put a condom or dental dam over the toy before using it.

As stated above, hybrid lubes are water soluble, so they clean up easily. Use water, a clean towel, and soap. If you get the product on your beds sheets or clothing, wash the fabric normally. Silicone-water lubes work well with leather and vinyl, but be sure to wipe down these materials when you’re done—the water in the lube can eventually saturate your garments.

Test new lubes before using them and always buy your products from a reliable supplier. Overall, the formulation of hybrids allows for pleasant lubrication with easy cleanup, and these products are well worth a shot if you’re looking for a new experience.

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