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Jimmyjane Hello Touch


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Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Sold in retail box per piece.
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Quick Facts

  • 1Fingerpads

    You can, in theory, put the fingerpads on any finger or your thumb, if it’ll fit. I do not have particularly large or fat fingers, although thin women will have smaller fingers than I. But these pads are uncomfortably tight. There is no pain, but they do stop bloodflow.

  • 2Vibrations

    The Hello Touch is 3 times more powerfu When you first turn it on, if the pads aren’t on your fingers yet, you might think it has a bit of a kick. But of course when a vibrator is held firmly near it’s motor, the vibrations will always dampen to some degree.l

  • 3 Power Pack

    Moving on to the power pack, we find even more flaws. The most obvious being that the buttons take a good amount of pressure to turn off and on.

Jimmyjane's HELLO TOUCH is the smallest fingertip vibrator available, and the only one optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation. This intuitive design features a pair of ultra-compact Vibration Pods, each enclosed in a supple silicone Fingerpad. We've minimized every dimension so you can deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands may roam, without limitation. The Vibration Pods are as mobile and versatile as your fingers - HELLO TOUCH can stroke, squeeze and surround in sensation, unlike any other vibrator. Great for Couples - Enhance your natural touch, perfect for both foreplay and sex. Compact Power - Over three times the power in one third the size of most fingertip vibrators. Versatile - Stimulate the clitoris, labia, G-spot, nipples and other erogenous zones. Dual motors - One in each Vibration Pod. Quiet - Strong-yet-silent vibrations. Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free - Supple, medical-grade, platinum silicone. Waterproof - Shower-ready and washable. Travel-Ready - Good to go with Pocket Travel Case. Intuitive Controls - Easy on and off. Batteries Included - Runs up to 6 hours on two AAAA batteries. Dimensions - Each Fingerpad is 0.7"x0.9"x0.3", Dock is 1.0"x2.1"x0.6". Three Year Limited Warranty - Our commitment to quality.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description Sold in retail box per piece.
Weight 0.2900
Toy Properties Smallest fingertip vibrator available
Color No
Toy Noise 2
Toy Speed 3
Battery 2 - AAAA batteries (Included)
Toy Contains Latex No
Toy Diameter No
Toy Length No
Toy Material No
Contains Phthalates No
Gender Female
Customer Reviews (27)
Awesome product!
Bought this after my girlfriend saw these in Cosmo. It seems to fit fine buy my fingers did turn purple after a while but overall they were comfortable. The wires are short so you don't have to worry about them getting tangled. It is such a fun addition to our bedroom. Really wish they used standard batteries instead of the AAAA batteries. Review by Jonathan (Posted on 11/2/2015)
So much fun!
It was weird to be all wired up but then we discovered how much fun this vibrator is! I love the intimacy this allowed and it was nice to have one I could use on him as well! Review by Kimberhill (Posted on 11/2/2015)
Worth the purchase!
Love the concept and the fact that it is waterproof. Love the powerful vibration. I only wish it fit my fingers better as it got tight after a while. Fit my wife'e fingers perfectly. Review by Phillip (Posted on 11/2/2015)
two vibrators on just two fingers!
Moves so natural because you only hold this with your finger. The bands feel so comfortable. There are so many different ways I love this: very versatile, great for foreplay and it helps you have more control. I only wish it was slippier and less noisy Review by a. (Posted on 11/2/2015)
Unlimited possibilies
There are so many ways to use this little vibrator on your fingertips. Works really well on the clit and g-spot and also for pleasuring your partner. Review by unfulfilled (Posted on 11/2/2015)
For ladies struggling with menopause, this is the answer! Just put on the lube and have some fun! Review by Customer (Posted on 11/2/2015)
When was the last time you fought with your partner about who gets to use the toy? When you get this (and you will), you'll want to keep it on the down-low until you're ready to share. Vibrating back rubs? Foot rubs? A vibrating finger on either side of a clit or while you're rubbing one out? This could easily be the perfect toy...if it had LEDs or glowed in the dark. Review by El-Jaro (Posted on 10/26/2015)
The product was exactly as described, and although expensive, it was well made and worked excellently. The only comment I would make, is that there should be a speed control. Review by the locksmith (Posted on 10/26/2015)
The Hello Touch. After 10 years of marriage.. he was able to give me the orgasm only I can give myself. heat in the toes, heading up the legs gets to the top of my scalp, eyes roll and wham!!! Thank you. good times here last night thanks to Jimmy Jane! For personal use it is interesting, but I prefer a stronger vibration when doing my solo thing. Review by Kathryn Kirchner (Posted on 10/26/2015)
well worth the purchase
I don't want to be too descriptive as I think you would appreciate. this unit allows your hands to be free and still deliver what it is intended to do. great concept, water proof, powerful vibrations for such little fingertip pads, and well worth the purchase :) it only got 4 stars because the finger tip silicone pads fit my wifes fingers comfortably, but they are pretty tight on my fingers and becomes uncomfortable after a little while. Review by Phillip (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Extra element of FUN
I bought two sets so both my partner and I could use them together. After the initial giggles about how weird it felt to be "wired up" we very soon discovered that these little babies sure do add an extra element of fun! Probably not a replacement for your trusty old vibrator, but for adding a change to the foreplay or for just "fooling around" kind of nights, this makes for a fin change! I found it to be more intimate than my husband using a vibrator on me and he enjoyed a toy that could be used on him for a change. Review by kimberhill (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Exactly what I wanted
I bought this for my girlfriend and I almost immediately after she showed it to me in a Cosmo magazine. Anything she expresses interest in I am usually quick to seek out and purchase, and for obvious reasons, right? The product came quickly, fitted well in a nice discreet Amazon box. The product itself has it's own unique packaging which gives you the impression it is quality from the start. Do not be alarmed to see that all this money is invested in a product merely a few inches big! I am a guy and I have large hands, the first thing I noticed about this product was how tight the finger grips are. They do not hurt me by any means but within a few minutes of wearing them my fingertips were purple. This doesn't bother me persay, but my girlfriend refused to let me wear them so long as she could see that they were purple. I guess hide in the dark? The wrist strap fits fine, even on my larger wrists, it is comfortable and can we washed in the washer in case things get a little messy. The wire connecting the fingertips is short and does not tangle or get in the way which is nice, although occasionally I did have to move it around so it wasn't tangling around my fingers. As far as how effective these are in bed, I suppose it really depends on the individual. The vibration is fairly strong for such a small product, and it is nice that they use a somewhat real battery instead of the watch batteries that a lot unfortunately use; however, why the hell use AAAA batteries, yes, AAAA. I personally did not even know they made those until I bought this product. I mean AAA maybe, but whatever. Anyways, I like that I can still be involved while using this product. For me that is the deal breaker, some toys are just too large and basically push you out of the way. Its great for use on the outside of the body, BUT try sliding these things inside the body and it might get awkward. One finger is fine, but sticking in both can be somewhat awkward. The flat part of the vibrating tips are smooth but the areas on the side and the straps around your finger do not slide in as effortlessly as one would hope. We haven't tried all these various uses for this product yet, but they do include a mini booklet with some different ways you can spice it up in the bedroom. All in all, with minimal uses so far I cannot really speak for the long term use of this product, but it is certainly a fun little addition and I can definitely see some positives in the future. Just be mindful that this is really just an additive to sex, for me that's exactly what I want, but for others something else may be desired. Review by Jonathan (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Small but powerful
Here's what I really love about this vibrator: whereas a normal vibrator requires a whole hand to hold it, with this one you have TWO vibrators that only take up two fingers! The rest of your hand is free for you to still feel the skin and so it feels more natural to use than a normal vibrator, especially when using it as a couple. I love the wristband (it looks right out of a sci-fi movie) even though I wish that there was a way to control the on/off switch with the same hand that has the finger pods on, in case the other hand is far away. I have read some complaints about the bands you slip the fingers in being too tight, but Jimmyjane must have solved this issue because on mine they are definitely large enough for regular-sized fingers. (I would say a person with very large hands might experience some minor discomfort after a while.) It takes a couple of seconds to put it on (certainly it takes more time than just grabbing a regular vibrator) and every time you want to change the combination of fingers you have the pods on there's some fumbling involved, but this might get better once I get more used to it. I wish the two wires connecting the pods to the battery case split earlier, so that it would be easier for example to use the two pods on two different hands without having to keep them very nearby, but really that's a minor complaint. The vibrators are not super quiet, especially when not in contact with skin - this is in comparison to my Lelo vibrators that are really quiet especially on the lower settings. As for the speed, I thought that having only one speed would be an issue, but it turned out that it works just fine for me. However, I am not a big fan of strong vibrations, so if you are a proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand this might not do it for you. Finally, I wish the pods were a little more slippery. This is not a problem with areas of the body that are lubricated, but occasionally when gliding them on someone's skin they don't move as smoothly as I would like them to. Well, now that I told you all the things that are less than optimal, let me explain why I love this vibrator so much: 1) It is GREAT for foreplay, just moving your hand around someone else's body feels fantastic for both parties involved. 2) As I said, there is still a lot of skin-to-skin contact which is very important to me. 3) Because the vibrating pods are on the fingers and not on an extra piece of plastic, the experience of using this is much more like having a hand with superpowers than like using a foreign object. (so if your guy is reluctant about using vibrators during sex because he is afraid they will be "stealing his job" this is a good place to start.). 4) Also, for the same reason, when using it on someone else I feel much more in control of what I am doing than when I am holding a regular vibrator. 5) Very versatile. There are a lot of different two-fingers combinations that work very well. 6) Small, easy to carry around. 7) Looks great. Have fun!!! Review by A. (Posted on 10/26/2015)
so many possibilities
Hello Touch from Jimmy Jane is a vibrator that you wear on your fingertips. It gives the user various options on how they wish to play with it; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you're in the mood for foreplay you can use it to tease and please your or your partners erogenous zones. It's good for simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation as well as adding sensations while you let your hands roam your lovers body. Review by unfulfilled (Posted on 10/26/2015)
For women who are struggling with the changes that result from menopause (and we all know what those are ladies!), this is a life saver! Load up the goop on your private and then go to town with this little gem, will remind you of what sex used to feel like! Hallelujah! Thank you JimmyJane! :) Review by DRich (Posted on 10/26/2015)
makes your fingers go numb but it's worth it
best little toy we own. It does make your fingers go numb, but it is well worth it. my only complaint, is there should be size increments on the straps, I broke one (after several months of fun fun fun) this not an issue with the product, I just have big fingers. Buy it, your spouse will love you for it. Review by Tim (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Quality Product
The only thing I'd add is a speed control, but other than that it was worth every penny we spent. It's works just as it's supposed to and it's a quality toy that works well.

Review by The-LockSmith (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Fun foreplay
This is a fingertip vibrator which can be used any way you dream up. Great for heating things up during foreplay. My wife enjoys clitoral and gspot play with this little device. Feels pretty good when you just rub the vibrating fingers across your whole body, too.

Review by Unfulfilled (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Great toy post menopause
Any woman going through "the change" knows how it affects you and this is amazing. Use lots of lube and have fun because this will be like your first orgasm all over again!

Review by LadyJ (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Fun toy, wish it had adjustable finger straps.
One of our favorite toys. My only gripe is that the finger straps are not adjustable, which probably isn't an issue for most people since I just have big fingers. The strap broke after a while, but lasted a long time. You should definitely buy this for lots of fun!

Review by Tim (Posted on 10/26/2015)

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