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Lifestyles 3Sum


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Lifestyles 3Sum

12 Latex Condoms
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Extra Ribbed + Ultra Studded

    Ribbed head and studded shaft for a more stimulating contact for her.

  • 2 Pleasure Shape

    Offers comfortable ergonomic fit for more heat transfer and sensitivity.

  • 3 Lubricated

    Features with a high quality silicone-based lube for a long lasting and super slippery sensation.


Lifestyles 3 Sum Latex Condoms are 3 waves of pleasure in 1 condom!


They are extra ribbed, ultra studded, and pleasure shaped. They are uniquely shaped and have an ergonomic fit which means ultra sensitivity for him. The ribs and studs mean more stimulating contact for her. They are specially lubricated for maximum pleasure and glide. 


These condoms have a snug fit when compared to other standard size condoms.


Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip.


Looking for something similar? Try Caution Wear Wild Rose or Beyond Seven Studded


Tell me about the brand?


Lifestyles is part of a global company that specializes in rubber and latex products, mostly considered medical grade. Lifestyles is mostly known for a broad range of condoms that fit a variety of size and made out of a variety of materials. They are a big supplier to health clinics. Most people will recognize them either from receiving one of their condoms distributed to them from health clinics or by seeing them on the condom aisle at a grocery store or drug store.


What are the basic properties of this condom?


The Lifestyles 3Sum actually runs smaller. It is considered a snugger fit base on its measurement. It has ribs and studs so it has a variety of textures for stimulations.


Why is this condom different?


The Lifestyles 3Sum is one of the only condoms that combines ribs with the studs. The other condoms are usually ribbed or studded. They aren’t usually both studded and ribbed. This condom is also pleasure-shaped. But it is not pleasure-shaped in the sense of a comfort fit. It is fitted on the shaft, gets tighter and then the head has a bigger kind of, bulb. It has the reservoir tip that most people are familiar seeing on condoms. So it combines the ribs, the studs and the extra bulb on the head for added latex to increase friction and sensation for both partners.


What are similar condoms you would recommend if I like this one?


The most similar condoms to the Lifestyles 3Sum would be the Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots.


Who is this condom great for?


The Lifestyles 3Sum is great for somebody who is smaller than average because it does have both the ribs and studs. It does not stretch as much as the typical latex condom. So this condom will not fit somebody that is used to wearing an average or even a larger-sized condom. This condom is excellent for somebody who is smaller, meaning both narrower and shorter than average. It is also great for somebody who is looking to try something different, looking for extra stimulation and feeling out of a condom.


Who is this condom wrong for?


The Lifestyles 3Sum is not right for somebody who is larger. If really like the hugged or tight sensation and you don’t like condoms with extra latex, then you would not like this condom. 

Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description 12 Latex Condoms
Weight 0.4000
Condom Material Latex
Condom Layflat Width 47mm
Condom Length 8"
Condom Thickness No
Condom Shape Pleasure Shaped
Condom Size Snug Fit
Condom Features extra ribbed, lubricated, ultra studded
Customer Reviews (9)
Yes Yes Yes
These are great condoms! My wife loves them too. They fit nice and snug. They don't roll off and I'm 8 inches! They are durable and can handle a marathon sex session!! Review by Danny (Posted on 10/27/2015)
She loves them a ton. They fit just snug enough. They are durable and well made! Review by Fish (Posted on 10/27/2015)
I would recommend if you're on the smaller size. The thickness is a plus for this reason. I highly recommend these condoms! Review by Rich (Posted on 10/27/2015)
Great condoms!
Great condoms for a great price Review by Mike Hollis (Posted on 10/27/2015)
Held well and was tight. No breakage. Such a good deal even though they are colored condoms.
This held well and was tight. You shouldn't have any breakage. I don't really care for condoms that come in different colors but this was such a great deal that I needed to purchase it. Review by Whitney (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Perfect product, price as well as the seller.
Perfect product, price as well as the seller. Review by Mike Hollis (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Haven't tried them yet
but this is a great value/price! Review by Julio (Posted on 10/16/2015)
Great feel
These have a great feel to them, can feel the ribs Review by Sam (Posted on 10/16/2015)
Be warned if you normally wear larger size condoms these will prob be a bit too tight.
It was actually painful to put on when fully erect. I wish there was something on the box or when ordering that stated they were smaller than regular condoms (that is how they felt to me) Cant really review the product because i was unable to use them. Review by Jake (Posted on 10/16/2015)
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