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Lifestyles KYNG


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Lifestyles KYNG

12 Latex Condoms
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Extra long and wide

    Extra width and length for the man who needs a larger, more comfortable fit.

  • 2 Standard straight-wall shape

    Flared shape with reservoir tip offers safety and comfort.

  • 3 Lubricant

    Especially lubricated for maximum pleasure.


Please note that LifeStyles has just changed the wrapper on these condoms.  They no longer say Kyng in large print on the front - they are still gold but have a generic LifeStyles logo on the front. On the back in small print with the lot and expiration date, they say "Kyng".  LifeStyles has not made any changes to the size or design of the condom itself.


LifeStyles Kyng delivers big-time comfort to the larger guy. Larger than standard condoms - extra long and extra wide in our most popular flared shape; girthy guys, take note!


Especially lubricated, Kyng ensures maximum glide, and maximum pleasure, for both you and her. And Kyng doesn't smell as strong as the typical latex condom. Lifestyles Kyng condoms are thinner than most, but stronger, making sure you feel everything. It doesn’t offer any extra frills like ridges or bumps, but as your “standard” condom it definitely outperforms other entries. The water-based lubricant on the condom is compatible with other water or silicone lubricants. 


Latex. Reservoir tip.


Looking for something similar? Try Trojan Magnum or Kimono MicroThin Large 


Tell me about the brand?


Lifestyles is one of the leading providers of condoms to healthcare clinics in the United States. They are an international brand that specializes in latex products including rubber gloves, etc. and other medical devices. They have been around since 1981. They are known for having a wide variety of different types of condoms that they sell, both texture, shape and size.



What are the basic properties of this condom?


The Lifestyles KYNG is an extra-large condom. The unstretched condom is about 8” long and it has a circumference of about 4”. It has a tight, kind of average shape until you get to the head, which is more of a bulbous shape. So this is going to be narrow at the base all the way to the shaft and then it becomes a little wider and bigger right before the head of the penis. It would provide extra latex material for added friction for both you and your partner. If you have an oversized, larger head, this condom would accommodate that.



Why is this condom different?


The Lifestyles KYNG is different because of its shape. It is kind of a standard shape through most of the condom (about three quarters of the length) and then it does have more of a bulb type head to it. If you are familiar with pleasure-shaped condoms and know what the pleasure pluses, this condom is not something that is like that. It’s smaller but it is definitely bigger than the rest of the condoms in width to allow for either an extra-large head or extra latex for added stimulation for both you and your partner.



What are similar condoms you would recommend if I like this one?


The Kimono Maxx Flared, the Trojan Magnum XL, or the Naked 57mm is similar to the Lifestyles KYNG.



Who is this condom great for?


The Lifestyles KYNG is great for a gentleman who is larger than average and is looking for extra headroom or likes that type of shape of a condom. It is of standard thickness condom. So it is great for somebody who really likes the feel of a standard thickness and doesn’t prefer the ultra-thin. It is a great kind of all-around large condom. It doesn’t give you too much sensitivity but also doesn’t take away too much feeling. But if you are larger than average but not at the far end of the size range, then this condom would fit you just right.



Who is this condom wrong for?


The Lifestyles KYNG is wrong for somebody who isn’t truly larger than average. It is not the largest of the extra-large condoms on the market. So if you’ve tried most of the rest of them and they are too small, then you would want to continue with the truly extra-large, which for example, the Trojan XL or the Naked 57mm. 

Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description 12 Latex Condoms
Weight 0.8000
Condom Material Latex
Condom Layflat Width 51mm
Condom Length 7.75"
Condom Thickness Thin
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Condom Size Larger Length
Condom Features Extra long and extra wide
Customer Reviews (1)
Best value
This brand is rated top. My girth is so big most women say no to me because they have already experienced childbirth. The price, fit and quality are best with these. Magnums are just too tight which severely dull the experience. You need a bit of movement and room in the tip. Choose these.
Review by GirthMonster (Posted on 7/7/2015)
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