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Movies To Get You In The Mood Part 3!

Movies To Get You In The Mood Part 3:

Into the Fifty Shades of Grey thing? This 2002 tale of a dominant male and hisextremely submissivefemale Assistant was a precursor to that phenomenon, and is just as, if not more, salacious. The smugly and sexy James Spader and a young, at first glance innocent, Maggie Gyllenhaal in a film that strikes just the right balance of lust and levity. Maggie Gyllenhaal crawling on her hands and knees dressed as a secretary? The ladies love her.

Last Tango In Paris:

The movie stars Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider. It is the ultimate fantasy about two strangers meeting and get involved in a passionate affair. While searching for an apartment, a sexy young Parisian womanencountersthe mysterious American gentleman. Both are instantly drawn to each other and the result is a stormy and passionate affair, without revealing their names to each other.

Watch it and try to re-enact the plot, yougame player, you.The first sexual encounter when they meet for the first time and get into a raunchy sex experience within the first minute will start the ‘mood’ out right.

Thomas Crown Affair:

It’s the ever popular Pierce Brosnan back in the days when he was extra superhot, trying to save the world and having sex. Need I say more!?!

Basic Instinct:

This movie stars Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. A detective investigates a series of vicious sex murders and in the process encounters a very seductive lady who seems just too obvious to be the suspect. He gets caught up in a whirlwind of sexual ventures that he just can’t resist.When sheties his handsto the bedposts and proceeds to ride him like asoldier, he experienced a fear that she might just decide to kill him. While this remains in the back of his mind, it might just get you thinking about some new fun ‘experimentsto try out in the bedroom.

Match Point:

The sexual tension between the ever-sultry Scarlett Johansson and heartthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers, thoselipsand eyes, is enough to make you and your partner throw in the towel after about 15 minutes. Woody Allen definitely scored a hit casting these two as a struggling American actress and a tennis pro whosefireis too hot to handle.

Stars Mickey Rourke with Kim Basinger where an incredibly sexy art dealer is falling for a dark, very mysterious, and extremely masochistic man. They start engaging in diverse andkinky sexuntil she realizes that her lust was confused for love and moves on.If your lady is into 80s movies where Kim Basinger gets naked and gets it on with Mickey Rourke before he ruined his face, put this movie on. One of the bestscenes is when she’s dressed up as a man and they end up being chased by some homophobes. They find themselves on a rainy stairwell, where they begin making love like mad. Hot steamy love making when all wet, super hot!

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