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Naked Luxury Condoms 54mm


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Naked Luxury Condoms 54mm

6 Latex Condoms
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Quick Facts

  • 1 Sized to fit slightly larger than average guys

    Designed for guys with slightly bigger than average penises

  • 2 Pleasure shape

    Tapered at the base and wider at the head for a comfortable fit and natural feel

  • 3 Luxurious

    High quality latex blend and German silicone lubricant for an incredible feeling; packaged in a small cigar style box because presentation is everything



We believe that in the pursuit of establishing the brand and changing pre-conceived ideas about the use of condoms, the best way to do it is to build the highest quality product in the world as well as the most luxurious packaging. Our internationally patented Pleasure Fit design was developed over a period of 20 years with our partners, including a third generation German condom manufacturer who is recognized as the most innovative manufacturer of condoms in the world. Like us they are never satisfied, so back in 1928 they developed the actual manufacturing process known as the dipping line, a machine that is still the industry standard today. Our condoms are manufactured in a state of the art facility that makes billions of condoms distributed worldwide. They are exceptionally proud of Naked as their ‘flagship’ product, and as the one and only premium product that uses the most out of their high-tech facilities.


Manufacturing and receiving FDA approval for a condom may be the most complicated process in the world, for a device with no moving parts…


We’re tougher than the FDA, so when our product is picked up to run through the gamut of FDA testing, we aren’t concerned. Naked standards are higher than regulating bodies and the industry as a whole. We triple test every condom at the factory before it’s shipped.




Ultra-thin soft latex. Standard condoms that claim to be ultra-thin give up quality feel by using a harder, stiffer latex. Naked’s patented design allows for a balance of thinness and sensitivity.




A silicone-based reserve made in Germany especially for Naked. The finest in the world.




Naked spent over three years in research and development designing the foil and machine to manufacture the best condom foil in the world. The challenge of the Naked team was to eliminate the unpleasant design found on standard condoms and to allow the foil to tear easily from either direction while maintaining the integrity of the packaging according to ISO and FDA and the highest worldwide standards and lastly, make the foil appealing but strong enough to maintain the safety of the condom. Six layers of foil are used so that they protect, tear and feel perfect. You’ll feel the difference in your fingers…and your toes. With that attention to detail, imagine what we did for what’s inside.

Tell me about the brand? 


Naked is a brand of luxury condoms and that means that they are using a higher quality lubricant on the condom. In this case, it’s the German silicone, which have a better, silkier feel and has a more lasting effect than the average silicone. It has also a higher quality latex blend for a soft, silky feel for both you and your partner. This is also a comfort shape, meaning that it is narrower at the base and wider at the head or tip so it flares gently starting at the base to get to that wide head, larger tip, which increases friction and sensation for both you and your partner.


What are the basic properties of this condom? 


This condom is an average-sized condom so it is similar in size, both width and length, to other condoms that you find in your drugstore. It is different that it is a comfort shape so it has that flared shape from base to tip. It has the German silicone lubricant on it, as well as, the higher quality latex blend. It is 54mm, which most condoms are measured as that in the metric system for length (flat) and this one is that snug fit average size drugstore condom.


Why is this condom different?


This condom has a higher quality lubricant on the condom itself and it’s also a higher grade latex. So, if you’re looking for something that is a nice, smooth feel then this would be that condom. It also has that flared shape for added friction and feel.


What are similar condoms you would recommend if I like this one? 


If you like the Naked 54mm, I would recommend the Sustain Comfort Fit. It is of the same shape. I would also recommend the Kimono Thin. However, that one is narrowed. That is one drawback of the other one versus this one.


Who is this condom great for? 


This condom is great for somebody that is trying to get a little more feel or sensation from a condom. So if they are looking for more added friction or your partner is also looking for that, this condom provides that with the wider head. It also has a great feel and the silicone lubricant, which is the higher quality, you won’t find yourself having to add as much or more lubricant during sex.


Who is this condom wrong for? 


This is wrong for somebody is looking for really tight, snug fit condom. If you are somebody who is not looking for added friction, either because you have issues with ejaculating early or just a-general-love-the-type-tight-hugged feeling of a condom, then this condom will not be good for you.


Additional Info
Additional Info
Quantity & Package Description 6 Latex Condoms
Weight 0.4000
Condom Material Latex
Condom Layflat Width 54mm
Condom Length 7.5"
Condom Thickness Thin
Condom Shape Comfort Fit
Condom Size Larger Width
Condom Features Premium Latex & German Silicone Lubricant
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