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10 Condoms That are Guaranteed to Improve Your Sex Life
May 16, 2016

Condoms have gained a bad rep as a “means to an end” - something we endure, rather than love. But, this is changing. Thanks to technological advances, new materials and design ingenuity, there are some seriously awesome condoms on the market that have become our MVPs in our bedrooms.


Here’s ten condoms that are guaranteed to kick your safer sex game up a few notches.


1. Kimono Micro-Thin


Top rated by by both Men’s Health and Men’s Journal,  Kimono Micro-Thin is hailed as one of the thinnest latex condoms available. They are 20 percent thinner than other ultra-thin brands providing users with sheer, barely there experience while still performing at the top of it’s game. Ultra safe and ultra thin?! It’s a win/win. As a sexy bonus, Kimono Micro-Thin is made of natural latex, making it a vegan friendly condom that’s also paraben and glycerin free.


2. Okamoto Zero Zero Four


Looking for a bareback like sensation? Okamoto 004 are hailed as being “the closest to wearing nothing at all.” These Japanese condoms are so thin and soft, they feel like you’re almost not wearing a condom. Hint: when you’re wearing almost nothing, you’re going to feel everything. Made of Sheerlon latex for a thinner, stronger, more sensitive condom, these are some of the thinnest, most natural feeling condoms on the market.


3. Lifestyles SKYN


Oh, Lifestyles SKYN, let me count the ways we love you…Perfect for anyone who is allergic or sensitive to latex, Lifestyles SKYN are the first premium condom made from polyisoprene: a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers the ultimate sensitivity that is the closest thing to wearing nothing. Polyisoprene is clinically proven to enhance sensation, creating a barely there, Skyn-to-Skyn feeling. (Um, yes please!)


4. Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms


Do find that regular condoms always slip and slide off? Well, problem solved. Iron Grip feature an ultra smooth silicone-based lubricant, a classic shape, and a tighter fit,  this is the go-to for men who demand the security of a more tailored condom without compromising on performance. One of the smallest fits available in the US with FDA approval, you’ll never have to worry about whether this condom will awkwardly slip off - allowing you to concentrate on what’s important: having steamy, hot, sex.


5. Glyde Blueberry


Glyde’s Blueberry is a complete game changer when it comes to flavoured condoms. Not only is the condom extremely comfortable, it also tastes great. It’s no surprise - they’re vegan, organic and made from food-grade naturally sourced fruit and nut extracts. This one is a premium body-friendly combination worth your attention that is free of animal testing and animal by-products, chemicals, parabens, or spermicides.


6. Kimono MicroThin Ribbed


Looking for the ultra-thin sensation of a Kimono condom with a little extra “bump” in your ride? You’ll definitely love the one that features “Sensi-Dots” - ribs and studs that make for a more pleasurable experience for both partners. Made with premium natural latex while also being paraben and glycerin free, this is another vegan friendly that’s top rated by Men’s Health and Men’s Journal.


7. L. Ultra Thin Condoms & L. Large


Good for your sex life and the planet. These vegan, latex condoms are made from sustainably harvested ingredients, are glycerin and paraben free and have a much lower than average latex odor. Their latex formula is also softer and thinner than average. If you need another reason to feel good about using L. condoms, for every condom you buy, they’ll give one to someone in an underdeveloped country - to help prevent pregnancy and stop the spread of disease.


8. Trojan Naturalamb


Looking for a non-latex condom with heightened sensitivity? Trojan Naturalamb Condoms are worth checking out. Because they are are made of sheep membranes (yes, you read that right), these give a skin to skin feel that no other condom offers. They feature an adjustable band that holds the condom in place making them an excellent option for hard to fit guys.  IMPORTANT INFORMATION: These condoms are a natural animal product. Although they do prevent pregnancy, they are not intended to and do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV.


9. Trojan Magnum Bareskin


With their bulbous head and wider than average base, these condoms are great for anyone who needs a roomier condom. The extra room at the head allows freedom of movement while also producing more friction and pleasure for both you and your partner. As an added bonus, they are also 20% thinner than other Trojan Magnum lubricated condoms, making them the thinnest of the condoms in the Magnum collection.


10. ONE Tantric Pleasures


One Tantric Pleasures are the first condoms in the world created with tattoo-inspired texture for you and your partner. They come in three distinct, exotic texture patterns: Maori, Tribal, & Titan. If the chic, patterned packaging and sexy tattoo inspired textures don’t woo you, the flared base for easy rolling and comfort will undoubtedly will. 


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