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10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers
Dec 13, 2017
10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers

With the holiday season upon us, and frantic gift buying underway, why not make this season a little more fun for yourself and your loved ones. Mistletoe, sugar cookies…sex toys! Stockings are a great place for frivolous, fun and (might we add) sexy gifts. Consider sprinkling a little sexual satisfaction into this holiday season with these playful options. 

Massage candles: What’s sexier than combining the soft glow of candle light with a sensual massage? Add gently falling snow outside and you have yourself a winter wonderland of pure bliss. Look for candles with aphrodisiac fragrances, essential oils, and those that are soy-based. You’ll want your candle to actually say, “massage candle” on it; these are specifically made for sensual play meaning that they have a low burning point. The wax melts to an oil that’s the perfect temperature to pour right on the skin. Added bonus? Soy is rich in vitamin E, which will leave skin feeling soft and sexy. 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Make it a gift set: Choose two different scents to give your lucky gift-receiver the option of setting different moods. Since a sensual massage is likely to lead to further sexual activity, do your friend a favor and throw in a small bottle of lube. Since the oils from a massage candle shouldn’t be used as lube, believe us when we say, they’ll appreciate the forethought.  

Tenga masturbation egg: Treat that special guy in your life to a toy that will have him lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s like a Kinder Surprise Egg except that the egg is a sex toy, not chocolate and the surprise is a delicious orgasm, not a toy you have to assemble yourself. Tenga is a Japanese brand that specializes in male masturbation aids. Designed to be stylish and functional, this is great toy for those with a modern design aesthetic. According to their website, The Egg is a super stretchy egg-shaped masturbator designed to fit all sizes. There are 13 different textures for 13 different sensations. Try them all because they’re only meant for one-time use. 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Make it a gift set: Buy an egg variety pack! These come with 6 different eggs and look like a cute little carton of eggs. You could even throw in a bottle of lube! But be sure to choose one that will be compatible with The Egg’s material. Opt for a silicone lube. These are safe with all toys and don’t dry out or get tacky.  

Sex toy jewelry: Oh yes! You read that correctly. Not just jewelry. Not just a sex toy. But a beautiful, classy combination of the two into one perfect, small holiday gift. Sexual lifestyle company, Unbound has you covered. Check out their jewelry collection to cross friends, family and lovers off your list. From a sleek, silver pendant necklace that is actually a vibrator to earrings that double as nipple clamps. They even have a few necklaces, chokers and bracelets that transform into light BDSM toys – whips, spikes, and handcuffs. What more could a gal want?

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Make it a gift set: “She’s absolutely dripping with sex toys, dah-ling!” Why stop at one piece? Treat your lady right and buy a jewelry set – massage ring for her finger, handcuff bracelet for her wrist and a vibrator necklace. Too much of one thing? Celebrate all things lady-pleasure by pairing the vibrator necklace with a small book of erotica and Pjur MySpray Stimulation Spray. Want to riff off the “secret sex toys” idea instead? Pair Unbound’s Lube Vial Necklace with a different type of secret vibrator, like Kandi Kisses “lipstick” vibrator. 

Lube: Let’s be real, most people don’t think a whole lot about their lube choices. Holiday gifts are the perfect opportunity to spoil someone with a fancy lube. Slip a little bottle of extra-special lube into the bottom of a stocking for a thrilling surprise. When it comes to lube, there are a lot of choices out there but our absolute favorite is Sliquid brand lubricants. (https://www.condomania.com/personal-lubricants/lubes-by-brand/sliquid-personal-lubricant.html_) Sliquid is a leader in all-natural and organic lubricants. All of their products are free of harmful ingredients like glycerin, sulfites, and parabens and they are never tested on animals. That means your vegan friend is covered! For those who have gone through menopause, Sliquid Satin couldn’t be a more perfect choice. Satin is infused with aloe, carrageenan and other, similarly skin nourishing ingredients. This lube actually adds moisture back to the vagina and helps treat dryness and irritation. Cheers to happy vaginas this holiday season! 

Make it a gift set: Set the mood with a gift set that will stimulate all the senses. Alongside the lube, ensure that the evening will be filled with foreplay by including a blindfold, stimulating nipple cream and a richly scented massage oil. Want to make it your own? Go ahead and get creative at your local sex toy shop – the possibilities are endless for creating a sex kit that has everything you want!  

Variety pack of condoms:  “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” St. Nicolas may soon be there, but you can guarantee that he won’t be the one adding fun sexual pleasure to your holiday tidings! Take matters into your own hands by sprinkling a variety of condoms into those carefully hung stockings. Choose from oral condoms, textured condoms, anal condoms, vegan condoms, colored condoms, glow in the dark condoms…you can even design you own condoms! For a fun, prepacked mix, grab One Flavor Waves trial pack of oral condoms. This cute, festive package comes with 12 condoms in 6 flavors including Banana Split, Mint Chocolate, and Island Punch.

Make it a gift set: Condoms + lube + a mini vibrator for her. Condoms + lube + a cock ring for him. Condoms + lube + a butt plug for everyone! 

Cock ring: Cock rings don’t get enough love. Many people don’t know about them and men are certainly not using them as much as they could be. What better time to spread the love than this holiday season? While cock rings come in a variety of materials and forms, they all work in basically the same way. Worn around the base of the penis, a cock ring will make him bigger, harder, more sensitive AND will make him last longer. You’re wondering why you didn’t put one in his stocking last year… us too! Especially when you consider that if you make that cock ring a vibrating cock ring there’s even more in it for you! Vibrating cock rings stimulate the clitoris during penetration making it easier to bring you over the edge too. Try the Je Joue Mio cock ring for that simultaneous pleasure you’ve been craving. 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Make it a gift set: You’re already thinking about a cock ring, why not go all in on the male sex toys game? It is the giving season after all! Consider including a butt plug for prostate stimulation, a Tenga masturbation egg for his solo pleasure, and a couples vibrator for dual pleasure. 

Mini Vibrator: What better surprise for the ladies in your life than the gift of pleasure whenever she pleases. A mini vibrator is perfectly stocking-sized and a great intro into the world of sex toys for those who haven’t yet ventured there. Even for that friend who has it all, a mini vibrator can be a great way to round out a sex toy collection. There’s no such thing as too many vibrators! Mini’s are cute, friendly and available in all sorts of shapes, colors, and styles. Try the Angel Maia Crystal Gem Supercharged Bullet. With 25 different vibrating functions, this bullet is a tiny powerhouse of pleasure. 

Make it a gift set: Go over the top to pamper her by including some other fun indulgences like Intimate Earth’s Gentle Clitoral Arousal Serum (https://www.condomania.com/intimate-organics-gentle-clitoral-gel.html) and a book of erotica to help tickle her fancy. 

Butt plug:  Everyone has an anus! Like a mini vibrator, a butt plug is another perfectly stocking-sized sexual pleasure item for any and all of the individuals on your list. The anus is chock-full of sensory nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. 

Make it a gift set: When there’s a butt involved, lubrication is key. A small bottle of lube and a guide to anal pleasure will have your gift’s recipient well on their way to a whole new world of sexual satisfaction. 

Sex games: Sometimes we just need a little coaxing to try something new. Sex games are the perfect way to dip your toes in the waters of sexual experimentation. Try sexy conversation starter card packs, especially if you’re not great at starting those conversations yourself. Want to try something new, but shy to bring it up? Play around with explore-my-body dice and see what new combinations of body part to body part you can try out. 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Make it a gift set: If foreplay is the name of the game include some additional items that will help extend the play. Include feather whips, edible body chocolate, a blindfold and some massage oil. This game is definitely going to last long into the night! 

Gift card: And finally, if you just can’t commit, there’s always the tried and true method of giving a gift card. Share access to many of the items we talked about on this gift-giving guide by purchasing a gift card to your local sex toy store. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could always DIY a sexy IOU and direct them to condomania.com to find the items they desire. 

Make it a gift set: Okay, so you’ve given them the money to buy the items that excite them the most. How about taking it to a 10 with promises of pleasure on demand. With the DIY spirit in mind, you can create a booklet of sexual adventures that work for you – sensual massage, naughty outings…all sorts of fun experimentation. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!