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4 Guys Actions That Affect A Woman's Sex Drive!
Apr 10, 2015

Being involved in a long term relationship doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice passion and excitement in the bedroom. We tend to get comfortable, sometimes to comfortable in our relationships after a while. This can mean that hot sex takes a backseat in your relationship.


4 Guys Actions That Affect A Woman's Sex Drive!


It doesn't have to though. Remember when you first started dating and couldn't keep your hands off of each other? Want to get back to that place? You may be turning your partner off and not even know it! Keep these few tips in mind and bring things back to your 'happy' place! 


Don't put her under pressure! 


Good sex is about connection and sensual satisfactions. That does not mean the number of orgasms that are produced. If you keep things as relaxed as possible and maybe try focusing more on foreplay and having fun, then you are taking the pressure off of both of you and can just have fun.


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Some of the best sex out there usually tends to happen when you start off just playing around and one thing leads to another, and another, and before you know it you are both in your 'happy' places! 


Don't use porn as a benchmark! 


While this can be good to spice things up every once in a while, if you both are into it, it really isn't realistic. It is much more important to keep things real. If you watch too much porn, your mind basically gets desensitized to 'normal' sex and all you want is what goes on in the films.


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Everything is made up for porn and maybe it is time to cut back on watching some. If you cut back on watching it, you can restore your brain to normal sensitivity, which in turn allows 'normal' sex to be enjoyable and fun again. 


Don't ignore her appearance!


Males and females are greatly different. We all know this. The female sexual desire is very closely tied in to her own self esteem. Guys are usually really good in the beginning of a relationship about telling their partner that they look nice, pretty, sexy and or beautiful.


Long Term Relationship



However as time goes along they tend to stop noticing when their partner looks good. Try giving her a simple compliment or two on a daily basis to let her know that you still find her desirable. You will be surprised what a little compliment can do! 


Don't leave her lips hanging


Unlike most guys, female desire does not operate like a light switch that turns on and off. She needs to be turned on, warmed up, and get in the mood before she can just jump into bed. So foreplay should be more than just a precursor and used all the time before sex. Try to focus more on the small acts of intimacy like hugging and kissing, to help get her in the mood. And remember to be patient about it, remember the first tip, don't put her under pressure.


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