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5 Red Hot Tips for a Longer, Stronger Erection
Nov 9, 2015


It can be an absolute pain to have to deal with and also a big annoyance for her… You come within two minutes of starting intercourse and may not have the stamina to get back up again.


If you’ve never thought about the practical ways of how to go about getting a longer, stronger erection, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips to have you getting the most out of your sexual experience. With these handy hints in your back pocket you will be going for hours in no time.


5 Red Hot Tips for a Longer, Stronger Erection


#1 The obvious… Pharmaceutical Help


When the world first heard about Viagra it went crazy. That little blue pill, back in 1998, was the answer to millions of men around the planet’s dreams: an erection that would not only allow them to go for longer, but to be able to come time and time again. Wives and girlfriends rejoiced and the big pharma company responsible was laughing all the way to the bank. This is for good reason: Viagra comes on in approximately half an hour and will last you about four hours of fun.


Since the advent of Viagra we have been blessed with a number of other prescription only drugs that can give you the sex life you’ve been fantasising about: Cialis, which takes about half as long as Viagra to take effect and may last longer, Levitra, which takes slightly longer to take effect, Staxyn and others.


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All these drugs have some serious associated side effects that can occur, especially for those with heart conditions or taking other medications, so ensure you speak to your doctor at length before taking any of them.


#2 The Tried and Tested… Looking After Your Health


Ahhh yes, the answer to all of your health problems in fact. It is a fact that the majority of western disease and illness is, if not at least influenced by, sometimes even caused directly by poor health. Poor diet and exercise practices, stress, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, caffeine and other drugs all have a direct effect on your health. Arterial problems, waistlines issues and heart attack are some of the effects that can be attributed in part to poor health.


So it comes as no surprise that erectile issues can also be somewhat attributed to not doing the right thing for your body.


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5 Red Hot Tips for a Longer, Stronger Erection


The good news is, these issues can be avoided or at least helped out by changing your bad habits to get the best out of your body. Completely changing your lifestyle is of course a big step to make but the reality may be that all it takes is making those small changes. Walking instead of driving to the store, cutting back excessive alcohol intake, replacing fried chicken for grilled chicken, every small step helps.


For the best results it can be useful to talk to a lifestyle expert or find a buddy to make the lifestyle changes with you.


#3 The Non Pharma Alternative… Supplements


Alternatives to prescription medications have been around for centuries to combat all sorts of health issues: we take Vitamin C to stave off a cold, why shouldn’t we take something to prevent erectile dysfunction? Unfortunately, these remedies are not yet proven by scientific studies to show effect, but many have had studies run on them with mixed to promising results. Keeping in mind that an erection is caused by blood rushing into the penis, these supplements generally have an effect on heart and blood flow.


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The top supplements around that show promising results in the field are: Asian Ginseng, used for many thousands of years for a range of health issues, L-Arginine, the amino acid used for increasing blood flow, DHEA, the steroid hormone with promising results, Melanotan, also used for tanning, along with a range of others. Ensure you speak to your doctor or health professional before embarking on any course of new supplements as they can cause drug contraindications or be harmful if you have other underlying health conditions.


#4 The ‘Not Just For Women’ Alternative… Kegel Exercises


You may have heard about them… Kegel exercises are what women do to tighten their vaginal muscles before and after birth and just to keep their muscles in tip top shape for a better sex life… Well, men have them too. Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that not only squeeze to empty your urethra on urination but also squeeze to pump blood to your erection and pump semen to ejaculate. Exercise of these muscles will give you greater control of urination and your erection so you better get set to pump them!


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5 Red Hot Tips for a Longer, Stronger Erection


To exercise your Kegel muscles the best method to initially locate them is to start urination and then squeeze during it to stop the flow of urine. Practice this a couple of times mid-stream and you have located them. For exercise reps, practice this squeezing when you are not urinating, first holding for five seconds and then relaxing them for two seconds, then repeat this ten to twenty times. There are a number of different but similar exercises you can do, for instance pretending your muscles are a ladder and starting at a slight squeeze for number one on the rung and then progressing to the tightest squeeze you can for rung ten, followed by heading back down the ladder again to a resting position.


There are also a number of paid and free apps available on both Apple and Android platforms to help do the different exercises and track your progression. Doing Kegel exercises three times a day should ensure you are making the most of you muscles and getting to a longer, stronger erection.


#5 The Most Fun… Try Out The Kama Sutra


That sacred Indian text that is not only a guide to having better sexual intercourse, but also a guide to living and loving, is something that can benefit every man and woman to study. Within the Kama Sutra are passages on how to improve one’s sex life that can be applied by everyone. These Kama Sutra passages can be described as a meditative approach to sexual experience. Within the Kama Sutra is reference to holding one’s erection without coming too quickly.


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The technique described involves starting with only having one stroke (that is one in and out combination) for every three seconds. You will then build up to a faster rhythm over the course of about five minutes. If at any time in this process you feel like you are about to come you must stop until the feeling has subsided, and then start again at the one in and out stroke per every three seconds. Watch your partner squirm with anticipation as you build to a longer bedroom experience!


Overall, the best way to improve your erection will lie with you: the brain is the most powerful sexual organ and so harnessing the power of your brain will help you get to where you need to go. Talking yourself through your issues, either alone, with a friend or a professional, will see benefits not only in your sex life but in other areas also. Meditation and mental ways of coping with stress should be looked at to provide you with an all-round sex/life balance.


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