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5 Things Never to Say to Him in Bed
Apr 10, 2015

Yesterday I touched on a few things you should never say to your woman in bed. Today it's the guys turn. Most men believe that they are some sort of superhero when it comes to the bedroom. You don't want to knock him too far off of his pedestal. Here are 5 things you should avoid saying to your guy so that you don't burst his bubble. 


1.      'Ahhh, it's so cute!' 

Never, ever say these 4 little words to your man. There is nothing he can do about his size, and if he is smaller to begin with, he probably already knows it and is worried about it. You saying 'how cute' is only going to burst his bubble and break his confidence. One of the main things on a guys mind is where his 'manhood' measures up. Especially if it is one of the first few times you are together. Saying this can undermine his entire masculine reverie!


2.      'Can you do that thing I like?

 Most guys probably won't have a clue what you are talking about. Instead of just having fun, you just put a ton of pressure on your guy and it becomes a guessing game for him and stresses him out. If there is something that you really like, make sure that you are very specific when telling him. Say something like 'I've been thinking about you doing, fill in the blank, to me all day long!' or 'I love it when you, fill in the blank. This way you are telling your guy exactly what you like and you aren't making him guess. It's a win win situation.


3.     'My Ex.

 When you are in bed with someone that last thing they want to hear about is your ex, for any reason. Regardless of what it is about, the bedroom is no time to be talking to about your ex.


4.      I'd rather use a toy.

Not cool. Nobody wants to feel like they are second to a toy. I am not saying don't play with toys or experiment with them, because they are super fun and can bring sex to a whole new level. I'm just saying don't tell your guy that you would rather use a toy then be with him. If you are having a hard time getting off with your man, maybe just suggest bringing a toy into the action. This way you are just adding a toy to the mix and aren't making him feel like he can't get you to your happy place alone. Think about it, what if the roles were reversed and he told you he would rather just use a 'sleeve' than be with you. Not cool anyway you look at it. 


5.     I faked it.

Let's be honest, most women have probably faked it at some point. The whole point of faking it though is to make your man think that he made you come. If you tell him that you faked it, then why bother faking it. The truth is that 80 percent of women fake it at some point or another, but our guys don't want to believe that we are in that 80%. Keep making them think that they are in the 20%. Be sensitive to each other, especially when you are in the bedroom. We are at our most vulnerable state when we are naked and with another person. All of our insecurities come out. We don't want to show it and we don't want to display it for our partner either. We all have flaws and we know it, so why chance hurting our partners when all we have to do is think a bit before we speak.  




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