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6 Sexy Games to Spice up your Routine
Aug 2, 2016

Even the healthiest relationships can use a little spice sometimes. Whether it’s making time for some frisky business beneath the sheets in the middle of a busy schedule, or exploring new ways to surprise and delight your partner, adding a few sexy games to your repertoire is a light-hearted way to reinvigorate your excitement and desire for each other.

6 Sexy Games to Spice up your Routine

We’ve pulled together a list of our top 6 sexy games to spice up your bedroom:

#1 Roll the dice

Roll the dice is a frisky way to explore foreplay. Instead of asking for what you want, or letting your partner take control – you are at the mercy of fate and the roll of the dice. To begin, you will need one dice, which you will role twice. First, attribute a sexy act to each of the numbers, for example:

  • 1 – suck
  • 2 – lick
  • 3 – kiss



You get the idea. On your second roll, you will attribute a body part to each number:

  • 1 – ear
  • 2 – mouth
  • 3 – ankle



You’d be surprised how fun this game can be!

#2 Tie ‘em up, tie ‘em down

Tie ‘em up, tie ‘em down, will definitely add a little kink to your foreplay. Grab a silky scarf or pair of handcuffs, and get ready to take control of your partner’s pleasure!


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Remember to make sure your partner is comfortable with this game before you begin, and choose a safe-word to use at any point when it becomes too much, but until the safe-word comes, have a blast taking charge!


#3 Role-play

Good old-fashioned role-play is a game that never gets old. Whether you explore your roles at home – think sexy maintenance man coming to your home to make a few repairs – or you take the games out on the town – two strangers meet in a bar and head to a hotel room for one wild night – role play allows you and your partner to explore alternate personas. The freedom that these characters bring to the table will add a whole other level of excitement, passion and exploration to your lovemaking.

#4 Picnic in-bed (bring your blindfold)

A picnic can be a very sensuous experience. A little wine, some strawberries and a bit of whipped cream serve as a gateway to an evening of erotic pleasure. In this game, grab all of the treats you and your partner will love, and set yourself up for a picnic in bed. Then, blindfold your partner and get ready to tempt, tease and feed them, as they guess which treats you are sampling. You’re in for a treat that feels a little Parisian and a little 9½ weeks.

#5 Strip Poker

Strip poker is nothing new, but sometimes the anticipation and delayed gratification of a long and flirtatious game is exactly the build up you need for passion to explode.


Once you’re all out of clothes, start performing sexual acts when you lose a hand.

#6 Surrender control (together or apart)

This is one of our favorite games (especially for ladies)! Surrender control of your pleasure with a couple’s toy like the We Vibe 4.


Ladies will insert the mini vibrator and surrender the control to your partner via a downloadable app. Whether you are sitting across the table from each other at dinner, sitting side by side in a movie theatre or on opposite sides of the country, separated by a business trip – you will be sharing in an intimate and exciting exploration of pleasure that is only known by you two.


When introducing racy games, remember to keep an open mind, talk candidly about your limits and most importantly have fun – these are games after all!