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69 can improve your sex life!
Apr 10, 2015

Say good bye to 'so so sex' and hello to ultimate ecstasy!


One of the great things about 69 is that it can be great as foreplay and or as a way for both partners to simultaneously achieve orgasm! It is an amazing way to provide mutual pleasure! There are several advantages and many ways to perform 69. I will give you some '69' tips and tricks that will drive you and your partner wild! 

Side by Side.

This is super simple. Just lie on your sides and get in the 69 position. The side by side is great too because it gives you perfect access to your partner's bum and small of their back. This can be the easiest and most relaxed way, especially for the partner that is normally on top, as you are both lying on your sides. You can both give and get without any of the gravity hassles! No irritation of the knees or legs and arms getting tired!


Foreplay can be amazing.

69 can easily build familiarity and intimacy between each other. Doing the actual 'nookie' deed can be a bit stressful sometimes. If you aren't in the mood, or if you have any form of dysfunction down there, sometimes just the thought of actually doing 'it' can stress you out and make it even less likely to happen. 69 is a great way to get 'in the mood' slowly and without pressure. If you go in thinking you are just going to have fun and not worry about what may follow, than you are very likely to move on to more later. Plus you and your partner can easily move out of 69 and reposition for the actual 'act' later if you want. You can take things slow and just have fun. Plus there are a bunch of different kinds of flavored lubes out there as well as dental damssheer glide dams, and flavored condoms to make things even more fun and tasty!


Plus for the woman.

Being in this position you have control over how deep you want your 'vajaja' on his mouth. A man can please you while you are pleasing him and bring you both to orgasm with a view that he will never grow tired of. Men love to see their woman's body from behind! This position will also give you sensations that are not commonly felt when your partner goes down on you the traditional way. A different angle can bring all new sensations for both of you! Ladies, there are a bunch of different kinds of flavored condoms now too, so you can enjoy every single tasty lick, and not have to worry about any STI's! 


Plus for the guys.

What's not to love? All guys love getting an amazing BJ. Many women don't get anything out of giving a BJ though that is why 69 are awesome. Everyone gets what they want and like! Guys, there are great Lavender Dental Dams and several different flavors of Sheer Glyde Dams as well, so you get to enjoy all the tastiness as well!!! Guys get to not only enjoy giving and getting here, but they also get an amazing view of their woman from behind, what guy doesn't love that?


Backdoor Fun.

Do you and your partner enjoy anal fun? 69 is a great position to play with each other's anus. This is a great time to use a sex toy on your partner's anus while you are performing oral. This gives extra sensation and fun for pure ecstasy!


69 is perfect for prostate massages.

While you are in this position you can give your man a prostate massage without changing positions. Whether you are on top, bottom, or side by side you have easy access to his anus and prostate. Not all men like this, but if they do enjoy it, this is amazing for them. The prostate is the equivalent of the female g spot. Make sure you have lots of lube close at hand and massage away!





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