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A Couple of Tips To Help With A Sagging Condom
Feb 9, 2016

You’re in the middle of some hot and heavy foreplay when it’s finally time to make the next move. You skillfully reach the condom out of the drawer and begin to roll it on. You keep pushing it down your shaft as far as it will go but the tip keeps sagging and the bottom keeps rolling itself up. You don’t want your lover to see because it’s embarrassing and very frustrating.


It doesn’t fit, now what? Have you ever had a condom kill the mood during sex? It happens and it’s no big deal if you know what the problem is and you fix it. This specific problem actually happens to 45% of all men.* That’s a HUGE number of men! So don’t feel like you’re alone in this problem. It happens, now let’s do something about it that can make both you and your lover more satisfied with the experience.


I know you’re thinking that it’s probably impossible to fix this problem without some sort of male enhancement drug, but it isn’t. Have you ever thought about trying to find a smaller condom? It makes sense, right? What about using a female condom? Here are a couple of solutions to your problem. Try some of these out before you decide to give up all together.


The easiest way to overcome this problem is by first finding a condom that actually fits. Although you may seem intriguing to the convenience store clerk when you throw up on the counter a box of XL condoms, they are not the ones you should be worried about impressing. Finding the right size condom will benefit both you and your lover. The size of the average, or most commonly stocked, condoms have a length of 7.5 inches and a width of 2.09 inches.** Let’s face it, this isn’t a “one size fits all” type of thing.


So, to measure your penis in the most accurate way you need to first be erect. Next, take a piece of string and cut it to the length of your penis, from the base to the tip. Next, take another piece of string and hold it at the base of your penis width wise. Cut it to the width of your penis at the base. Next, measure both pieces of string. If your length and width are bigger than the sizes I listed above you probably need to start browsing in the XL section. If it is smaller than the sizes I listed above you need to look into some of the snugger fitting condoms. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fitting Condoms are an excellent option. These condoms will give you a more snug fit and will take away the problem of sagginess at the tip and the base of the condom rolling up. They are also already lubricated condoms.


If you’re feeling a little uneasy about trying out a new condom, rest assured I’ve got some great reviews to share with you on the Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fitting Condoms. They are rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are just some of the many reviews:***


By lenkee on October 29, 2010-

“Finally there's something that fits! I'm not going to lie. I have a really tiny dick (barely 3.5 when hard and about as thick as a pencil) so thank god someone out there is looking out for the little guys. This thing fits like a charm. I highly recommend this if you're alittle undersized.”


By Sheryl on September 2, 2010-

“these condoms are perfect for my boyfriend. I never felt safe with regular fit condoms - they always seemed a bit baggy and loose. But these fit him just perfectly, which gives ME a lot more peace of mind!”


By $ hungry on February 4, 2011-

“I have a small penis 4.5 inches long and thin in girth. These fit perfectly like a glove does not feel like I am even wearing a condom.”


By Ron November 23, 2014-

“Great condoms for an amazing price, girlfriend loves them and I feel safe using them. No breaks or any mishaps whatsoever. Would definitely recommend”


By Jeffery P. on April 29, 2015-

“Best condoms ever, snugged on fitted like a tailored suit, and no babies loose when put on correctly.”


As you can see these condoms have worked well for many people. They have eliminated that embarrassing and annoying sagginess that is found when using other condoms. They feel good because they fit. They give you the ability to feel a lot more when having sex and let’s face it, we all want to feel more.


I understand the awkwardness of purchasing condoms as it is already, and although these may seem like it will make the situation even worse, it doesn’t have to be that way. Another option is to buy condoms online. It not only takes away the awkwardness at the checkout but it is also cheaper. You can read more about this here.


So, you’re really not into buying smaller condoms? You don’t like wearing a condom at all? There may be some other options for you too. A female condom is always another option if you can get your lover to go for it. If she agrees, the female condom is a simple solution to the problem. She wears the condom instead of you so you will never have to worry about how the condom fits on your penis or how well it fits. Female condoms are very easy to use and can provide you with the solution you’re looking for. Even though having the talk with her may be awkward, once you’re through that part it is smooth sailing from there. Here is some information about how to use a female condom. You can purchase these FC2 female condoms online.


Next time when you’re enjoying that hot and heavy foreplay and it’s time to make the next move, you can be comfortable knowing that you won’t have an awkward situation when the condom is sagging off your penis. You now have a couple of other options. Whether you choose to purchase Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fitting Condoms or female condoms, you have taken the next step in avoiding awkwardness in the bedroom. Just knowing that there are other options out there should give you better peace of mind.



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