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A Lady’s Guide to Choosing Condoms
Jul 27, 2016

Expect the unexpected. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. There are many idioms that support the need for preparation to ensure the most successful outcome.

A Lady's Guide to Choosing Condoms

Now, say it with us: always be prepared. This mantra has gotten many a lady through a tough situation, and when it comes to safe sex, it’s no different.

Word of Advice

As a modern and sexually adventurous woman, you should be ready for anything. That includes carrying condoms with you for any unexpected sexy situation that may arise. 

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Sure, in the past, you may have relied on your partner to bring the goods, or maybe you’re more of a “game-time decision” condom-seeker – but why risk your safety and what could be your most amazing role in the hay yet, by not coming to the table with the supplies you know you’ll need – in the form of products you love?

A Lady's Guide to Choosing Condoms

Ladies' Selection

We’re challenging you to always be prepared and assemble your condom stash for the weeks and months ahead. To get you pumped up and ready to shop, here’s a guide of the most popular condoms for women:


Pick #1: Crown Skinless Skin

These Japanese-style condoms use super-thin, super stretch latex and are among the thinnest condoms you will find on the market. They are tasteless and odorless and the sensation is described as feeling “as close to riding bareback as you’ll get”.

Pick #2: One Tantric Pleasure

One Tantric Pleasure condoms are designed with tattoo-inspired texture to provide eye-rolling pleasure during sex. They come in three distinct and exotic textures: Maori, Tribal and Titan. The best part, you’re supporting a great cause when choosing these pleasure-inducing condoms because a portion of every purchase goes towards supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Africa.

Pick #3: Beyond Seven Studded


These condoms are studded for mega-sensation! Not only are the Beyond Seven Studded one of the thinnest condoms available, providing heightened stimulation, but they also offer 3 inches of raised studs for your pleasure… and believe me, it’s worth it.

Pick #4: Trojan Ecstasy Fire & Ice


Trojan Ecstasy Fire & Ice condoms offer pleasure for both partners, due to the unique dual lubricant on both sides to deliver warming and tingling sensations to both partners. They also have a distinctive shape with a wider head to allow freedom of movement and a more natural-feeling experience. These are a definite wow!

Pick #5: Durex Performax 


Want your man to last longer? The Durex Performax Intense is for you! It has 5% benzocaine lubricant, which will help to delay his climax, and includes ribs and dots for your pleasure and stimulation. Try these, and you’ll be one happy lady!


The best part about being prepared is choosing which brands you want to try and then having the freedom to always show up with your favorite partner in crime. To find your favorite, shop more condom styles here.


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