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Add Heat to Your Sex Life with Silicone Lubricant
Mar 23, 2016

Lubricant is perhaps the single most important sexual enhancement product! It is easy to use and it really makes a huge difference. Lube isn't just for those that are having trouble in bed. There are many reasons to use lube and make every aspect of your 'fun times' that much more satisfying. When using lube every single touch and thrust will feel smoother and even more pleasurable, plus your partner will feel more confident as you are wetter, and maybe even inspire him or her to try out some new positions and or moves on you! Some of the reasons you should use lubricant each and every time you play are:

Lube keeps things slipping and sliding from that first touch to your very last sigh! He can slide in and out as long as you both can handle. Plus with extra lubrication down there, there won't be any chafing, or 'ouch' moments for either of you.


Lube will help the two of you maintain the steady rhythm most women need to orgasm (he can thrust continuously when you are wet, which makes it easier for him to vary his speeds. The extra stimulation will help build up sexual tension and bring you both to the climax you have always wanted.


Lubricant creates less friction, which may translate to more vascular flow and increased sensation. It makes a gentle touch even gentler, and tender attention always increases satisfaction. There are tons of different kinds and types of lube out there too, so you can be sure there is one that you will like.


You can use different types of lube to enhance your sex life in specific ways.


What type of lubricant is there?


There are many different types of lubricants out there. They can be categorized by what they are made of or what functions they provide as well as many more ways! Here are just a few options out there.


Water Based Lubes - these feel more natural and less sticky


Silicone Based Lubes - these are water resistant and tend to last a bit longer


Vegan Friendly Lubes - these are made with all vegan ingredients and totally safe for your body


Organic Lubes/oils - Coconut oil is one of the best and can be used everywhere on your bodies - these, however, are not safe to use with condoms, so be careful. Condomania provides several different sampler pack options as well if you aren't sure what you like.


Vaginal Lube - You know how important it is to prime the pump so you can safely start your engines. You don't? Lubricating a condom before any sexual activity greatly reduced the chance of breakage. Not to mention, a little lube can be a lot of fun. Condomania carries a large variety of vaginal lube for your pleasure.


Anal Lube - The biggest requirement for a pleasurable anal experience is the right anal lube. The anus is not self-lubricating, so the right anal lube can make all of the difference to you and your partner. Condomania stocks a range of anal lubes, from water-based to silicone based in a multitude of sizes. Play it safe and make sure you have the right lube for the job.


What is the best lubricant?


Now that you have learned about several different types of lubricant out there, you are probably wondering, “where do I start?” In my opinion, silicone lubes are the best out there! Silicone lubricants last longer than water-based ones. They can't be used with silicone sex toys because of silicone-on-silicone reactions, but you can use them with latex contraceptives and sex toys not made of silicone. Also, silicone lubricants can be used in the shower and won’t dry out. Can you imagine lubing up only once a play time and not having to do it again! Here are just a few of the mind-blowing silicone lubricants out there:


Wet Uranus Silicone Base - This lube is a hypoallergenic type for those that have skin sensitivity. Based on the award-winning Wet Brand Lube, this version is specially formulated for anal sex. Wet Brand Uranus Silicone Lube is the very best lube to not only ease the pain, but also enhance the intimacy. Wet Brand Uranus Anal Silicone Lube gives long-lasting lubrication and that little extra cushioning needed for anal play. It is free of paraben and latex friendly. The anus is not self-lubricating so it is essential to use a generous amount of a quality lubricant every time you engage in anal play. Wet Brand Uranus Anal Silicone Lubricant does not break down in water so it may be used in the shower, tub or spa. It is extremely slippery so use caution and clean spills immediately. Silicones are made up of very large molecules so they do not absorb into the skin and they are anhydrous so they do not evaporate like water-based formulas. We guarantee this formula never gets sticky!


Pink Silicone Lubricant - Pink Silicone Lubricant is a super long lasting and non-sticky! Plus it is specially formulated with women in mind to be non-irritating and do not contribute to yeast infections. Feel beautiful in your anticipation of the moment. Pink Silicone blend is your perfect gateway for pleasures to come. Pink Silicone Intimate Lubricant is our most lubricating and long-lasting formula, so your time together can be both enthusiastic and comfortable. Made with our proprietary, superior three-molecule silicone blend, Pink provides you with extended, plentiful lubrication to enhance foreplay and protect you from irritation for sustained and pleasurable intercourse. Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for restorative and healing properties.


Pjur Original Bodyglide - Pjur ORIGINAL concentrated silicone personal lubricant is compatible with latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. pjur ORIGINAL provides ultra long-lasting personal lubrication. Enhances the comfort and pleasure of intimacy. May also be used for massage and skin conditioning. Only a few drops are needed. Never gets sticky or dries out. Leaves your skin soft and smooth. Non-irritating for vaginal mucous skin. Does not block pores. Product is not made of fats, fragrances, paraben, preservatives or water. Neutral taste and odor.


There are so many amazing silicone based lubricants out there. Do not miss out on a more enjoyable play time. Go to Condomania now to add get yours before they run out!



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