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Amazing Health Benefits!
Apr 13, 2015

How many of you know the amazing health benefits of doin' the dirty? 


There are a lot of health benefits from getting' it on.  Here are just a few! Less Stress.  Having sex and intimate physical contact more often is a great stress reliever and can soothe anxiety.  To me that is a great health benefit!  Sex boosts your feel good hormones and helps with your self-esteem and happiness.  Definitely worth writing a home prescription.


This also makes for a happier day tomorrow. Better Sleep.  I don't know about you but after I have sex it is way easier to fall asleep! After an orgasm there is a hormone that is released called prolactin that causes the feeling of being relaxed and sleepy and can help combat the Flu!  One perfectly healthy reason so get it on Right now! Instead of taking Tylenol or Motrin for your pain.  Just reach for your partner.  Stimulation with or without orgasm can be a great pain reliever.  Men so NOT let your wives tell you that they have a headache and cannot have sex tonight, unless she has a migraine orgasm is not strong enough for that. 


All you single ladies out there do not fret.  Self stimulation can reduce the pain from PMS, arthritis and your headaches. And we all know that one of the health benefits of sex is exercise!  You burn 5 calories per minute.  So get your heart rate up and use as many muscles as you can!  And make sure you can have as much as you can!  I am betting that adding a toy and some warming or flavored lubes will make your night so much more feverish and burn well over 5 calories per minute! 


Get all sweaty and use those muscles you didn’t have by getting into some crazy fun positions! Sex helps a woman's body health as well.  The more sex we have the better our body stays lubricated and elastic.  This will help us crave it more! We have all heard of the Fountain of Youth!  Well sex can help us live longer, happier, healthier lives!  More than 2 orgasms a week can help guys live longer and lowers the risk of your gentleman having a stroke! So live it up hit the sheets and go get laid!




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