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An Insight into Latex Condom Allergy, Its Symptoms and What You Can Do About It
Apr 25, 2016

Latex allergy is a hypersensitive reaction of the skin when it is exposed to latex. Latex is a protein found in natural rubber but it causes irritations to the skin of some people.The body mistakes latex rubber to be a harmful substance then it if forced to react.

An Insight into Latex Condom Allergy, Its Symptoms and What You Can Do About It

Latex condoms are some of the medical supplies that contain mucous membranes that have absorbed latex proteins. In some way, your body may not be comfortable after their usage. It is evident that if you have latex condom allergy, you may find yourself not enjoying sex because of the rubber in the condoms.

How many people does it affect?


Latex allergy is serious in people who have had more exposure to latex. It is evident that children suffering from spina bifida will always have a reaction once they are exposed. Industrial rubber workers too have the risk of the allergy. About 4-17% of all the health workers are also vulnerable to the allergy because they have much contact with the supplies of latex including gloves and elastic bands.


To our subject now, it depends on your allergy status for one to suffer latex condom allergy. Not everyone who uses latex condoms suffers the problem but those who are reactive to latex only.

How do you know it affects you?

It is not only that latex condoms reduce your sexual pleasure but also it brings with it unpleasant feelings. You can judge almost with certainty that you have the allergy if after you wear a latex condom you have the following symptoms. The symptoms are tricky nonetheless because they range from mild to severe and it depends on your sensitivity and level of exposure to the allergen.


Mild symptoms can range from redness of your skin, skin rashes and itching of the skin while severe symptoms include a running nose, itching and watery eyes, difficulty in breathing and wheezing.


Serious anaphylactic shock symptoms can arise if you are extremely allergic to latex. In most cases this condition does not occur immediately you get the first contact but in serious cases it does.


You shall discover that you are in the latex condom allergy condition if after 6-48 hours of contact you have;


  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapid, weak pulse that symbolize abnormal heart rate
  • Drop in blood pressure results as a consequence of the weak pulse
  • Swellings on the skin on your penis or around your lady parts

What else causes the above symptoms?

Many of the above symptoms can also be caused by other things other than rubber. Buddy, did you check if you are using smelly soaps or perfumes? You can also be allergic to other elements that are used to make condoms rather than latex. An example is spermicide and it can make you feel itch down there.


Occasionally, other reasons like insufficient vaginal wetness can cause itching. This should not be construed to mean that you have the allergy. It is therefore important that you observe most of the symptoms for you to decide to test for the allergy.

What can you do about it?

Detection of the symptoms of latex allergy early can save you a great deal. It is however important that you prevent the exposure to latex in most of the cases so as to prevent chances of curing it in the first place.


Before you see your doctor, you can try using other types of condoms and observe the change. An example of such is the polyurethane condoms. They can be purchased at the same points you purchase the latex condoms these non-latex condoms are thinner, less constrictive and stronger. They are also better transmitters of heat. However, they are prone to slip off or breakage.


You can also have the lambskin condoms as an alternative. They have a disadvantage though because they are slightly porous and should only be used with a partner whom you know the STI status otherwise you will wonder. Suck kind of condom switching will prove positive if your private parts stop irritating and you could have stopped the problem.


Other non-latex condoms include the Tactylon and they like other condoms are effective contraception. However when you buy these condoms ensure that they do not contain spermicide such as the nonoxynol-9 that can also cause the symptoms of latex allergy. Spermicide-containing non-latex condoms also increase the risk of ladies to contraction of STI viruses as shown by research.


If you have any of the above symptoms coming to your notice and you suspect you have the allergy, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor about it. The doctor will test you of the allergy and provide solutions. For mild allergic reactions, they will prescribe some creams for you or oral steroids to cure you. In a case whereby you are anaphylactic, the doctor can prescribe epinephrine shot to rescue your health.

Available medicines from the doctor

Some of the symptoms of latex condom allergy like the irritant medical contact dermatitis can be removed by use of medicines from your doctor. They may give antihistamine or corticosteroids to treat them. It is crucial that you report to the doctor in good time so as it can be acted upon quickly.


If you are diagnosed to suffer the allergy, it is therefore important that you;


  • Before taking any shots given to you may it be the flu shots or any other, ensure that the person giving them to you uses latex-free vial stoppers
  • Always wear a medical alert bracelet
  • Avoid getting to areas that have latex that can be inhaled by accident
  • Ensure that you follow the instructions of the doctor to the latter


The above directions can relieve you from the latex allergy and you will stand to enjoy your time rather than in the cases that you do the otherwise.


The non latex condoms are good and can promise you massive sexual pleasure. It is recommended without hesitation that you use the polyurethane condoms, the Tactylon condoms and lambskin condoms that are cited in the above links. Try them today and you will not cry foul.

Bottom Line

Sex should always be fun to you buddy. Once you realize that the reverse is taking control, it is advisable that you take the correct steps as immediately as possible. No one likes suffering anyways and the only way to turn around the stressful health situation that makes your bedroom life difficult is checking your latex condom status. Finally you shall be having more pleasurable sex.


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